Vera was the night car, waddling like a duck, and holding his belly with his hands. It was well past midnight, and she decided not to wake Vadim, who was peacefully snoring on his shelf in the compartment. About to was pregnant five months, and she and her husband went to her mother to give birth to her first child, a boy, as shown by US ...
Coming out of the toilet, she was almost nose to nose collided with a guy who apparently expected the queue to the toilet and smoked.
- Oh! Sorry .. - Vera said with a smile, and went into the car. The guy smiled sympathetically, but, instead, to enter the toilet cubicle vacated, somehow went over Verochka. except for the two of them there was no one in the carriage corridor. She was not alone ... She quickened her step was, but then the guy deftly and quickly pushed it into an open compartment door, and then someone's strong hands quickly intercepted her, holding her mouth and grabbed her hand.
- Quiet! Quiet, suchonka! - Hissed a voice in his ear. - Will you behave properly, stay alive. And no, so we'll throw you off the train. Itself, can and will survive, but the child is lost! .. Questions? ..
There were no questions. There was a huge, all-consuming fear ... In the eyes dilated with horror Vera frozen tears. Is this not a dream? It! go easy on can not be! Who else but her could happen so! Vadim! .. He was sleeping sweetly in the compartment. Well, why she had not awakened?. Those thoughts quickly and chaotically revolved in his head, while she was in a daze, sandwiched in a tenacious and strong hands ... Vera shook her head, a hand clutching her mouth, slightly weakened grip. Vera whispered:
- Have mercy! I am pregnant!..
- We are not blind! We see themselves. Specially guarded you ... Okay. Say: give us on good terms? Or jump off the train going?
- But ... I can not have! You can damage a child! ..
- See itself, bitch. Vitek, look - there, in the corridor there is no one? And in the vestibule see ...
- No! You are welcome! Do not allow me to train! .. I'll do anything ...
Thus began the sex marathon, played in the life of Vera fateful role ... Everything happened very quietly. Guys, they were three: Vitek, Zhorik Syava and spoke among themselves in a low voice, his mouth Verochkin general was busy almost all the time ...
First, it quickly and deftly stripped. Swollen, swollen from breast milk long probed, stroking, sipping nipples. Vera was forced to sit on a table, having spread her blanket. Legs have placed it as widely as possible, on the lower shelf compartment. She reclined, arms wrapped around his stomach, as if protecting it. It's not like the guys, and they brought her hands behind her back. She leaned her elbows on the table, leaning head against the windowpane.
Now, in the dim light bulbs, whitened her divorced apart legs, big breasts bloodshot and swollen belly.
Vitek, standing on the seat bottom shelf, quickly and deftly stuck his dick in his mouth Vera. After watching for a while, she diligently sucking his cock, he leaned out of the window. So it has never ridden on a train: sweep past the flames, the wind ruffled the hair and elegant Shmarov makes you a blowjob while her fuck your comrades! ..
Comrades, meanwhile, sought vengeance. Zhorik moved his fingers into the vagina and Vera put her dick between his legs. A Syava decided what whatever was SOCA! obovat taste breast milk. He diligently sucked Verochkinu chest, trying to squeeze out of it at least something ... But the shock of Vera does not "doilas".
- Zhorik, it is necessary to deploy an asshole, then self will pour the milk! - I proposed Syava.
Vera put a "cancer." One foot is now standing on the floor, put the second on a shelf. Vitek was mounted on the table and sit down smartly Verochkinu head on his penis.
Zhorik, tightly clutching the buttocks of the girl behind his sex drives the gun into her vagina, and Syava, fingering the clitoris with your fingers, fumbled it while sipping her nipples.
Vera felt a strange sensation. It certainly raped. But she did not feel anything about what read and heard in various horror stories. On the contrary, the process began to like her, to her utter shame ... She listened as her vagina champs, relish sucking cock in her groin grew highly excited!
Vitek suddenly very Verochkinu pressed her head to his groin, so that she almost choked, and began moaning, long and happy ending Vera right in the mouth. It worked on Zhorik so that he, too, began to tremble in orgasm. Vera even envied both, as she was very excited and wanted, in that whatever the cost, to experience the same sensations.
Both men saw that Vera long time ago does not make any attempt to break free, blissfully leaned back on the shelves. There was a queue Syava.
He leisurely Vera laid on the table, and extricated his mighty cock. Oh, that was something! Vera had not seen even in this porn! Member Syava was not long, but rather the opposite. But in circumference resembled her hand at the wrist. She even slightly frightened and even more excited!
Lubricants and semen Zhorik enough to Syavin member entered the same in her. Throwing Verochkiny legs on his shoulders, Syava, wheezing, become slow, confident movements to push their edifice in Verochkino vagina.
Fearing that Vera is now scream ,! Vitek covered her mouth with his hand. Vera, and the truth, I wanted to scream. But the pain and the pleasure. She felt rolls orgasm wave as pounding heart, like all around ceases to exist and is flying into the abyss ... And when Syava, caressed her nipples, felt his fingers moist, and eagerly pressed his lips to her breasts, licking milk it orgasm of such intensity and duration, such as never was she ever in my life. She shook her head and mumbling, it is not trying to figure out what's going on. she frantically dug her nails into the back of a Man. They were finishing together ...
... When Vera came back into the compartment, then I saw Vadik sleeping peacefully, conceding such an important event in the life of his wife. She sat down exhausted on his bed and immediately fell into a heavy sleep well.
She slept until noon, and when I woke up, I realized that yesterday the guys in the car no. Maybe she had a dream the night adventure? Maybe it was just a figment of her imagination? Thoughts stray, flew somewhere ... But one made its way through the others: it seems she heard somewhere that in their city there are swingers club ...
He slowly opened his eyes. Consciousness slowly and gradually returned to him. He felt light - light - is that before the eyes or in the eyes, well, in general, in the head. The light penetrated into my head some stains, colored spots, they were light - green, blue and white. Gradually these spots began to get some clarity - a kind of painting a certain peace that Thou surrounded him. He focused on this visual experience of the world and began to identify it with an image that has emerged from the depths of his mind that what he saw was a forest, he was lying under a tree, it was morning, the sky was blue, without a cloud, the sun was shining with joy. This whole picture, he began to feel more full - to the visual sensations add the rest: he felt the fresh cool air felt dew skin, ear caught popiskivanie birds.
In my head, in the consciousness of all start quietly laid, he began to recover. But then I woke up one idea that seemed to have always been, only quietly flickered somewhere in the depths, and now she broke out again, throwing into the background everything else: "Who am I? Where I am? And for what?.."
He moved: moved his arms and legs, shook his head, ran his hand over her stomach. He began to understand something, his situation began to dawn: he was a man, naked man who is lying on the wet grass in a forest, but despite the bright sun still appears to morning and pretty cool. He shuddered. Well, man, so what? Well, two arms, two legs and one more thing. After all, it is absolutely not to approach him to address the major issues.
He rose to his feet. His body ached from long lying on the ground. Waving his arms, making a few sit-ups, rotate the head first to one and then the other side, he sat down on the grass and leaned back against the tree trunk. At the head of something happening, or rather there was a fog, but it floated separate subjects and personality. Thus emerged a man named Fedot. Yes, Fedot. Fedotov was attractive on the one hand, because he was a friend, and on the other - repellent, because they are always a lot of arguing. Once out of the mist floated the word "tequila", or even "tequilajazz", after her head was a solid jazz. And the last thing he remembered - that's what they were arguing again, arguing about metaphysics. In this dispute, on the one hand tequila it was very helpful, and on the other - something harmful. He Micah say ... Wait, he had a name! Micah. It does not say anything about his past or his future or his sense. Just Micah ... So, he, Micah said that it is impossible to understand the true nature of things while remaining limited creature, like a man. To understand something, you need to move away from human nature, to separate, to forget about it trihedral space and inexorable time, from everything that man has created and what he is caught. Fedotov also abused for such idealism Micah and his inability to give clear answers to the questions raised, explained this at the beginning of failure drunk, and closer to the end - excessively. Fedotov said that in spite of all his human limitations and defects, he was approached to answer the most important questions for a long time and is on the right path. As proof of this, he showed a thick green book, which was glued on the cover of a beautiful label "ALL THE TRUE NATURE". Micah did not like this book. I fedot fill it using an encyclopedic dictionary, and has already reached the letter "TH". Micah several times looked into it for a long time and got to the core ideas Fedota. The whole point was in a variety of cross-referencing, which on the one hand, all confused, and with another - all combined into one big ball. For example:
Abramov - the true nature of a Jew (see Jew.)
B. God - the true nature is love (love, see.)
V. WATER - is the value of the true nature of intermolecular force (see force, see the molecule, see the interaction...)
- That look like all deep - said Fedotov - these look: here, for example, water or even tequila (make it clearer), because their nature is similar. If the strength of the interaction of molecules in tequila would be a little less than you need, then it would no longer tequila and tequila pairs, or vice versa: if she were a little more than necessary, it would make tequila ice. In both cases, we could not drink it. But you look! We drink it! How things work harmoniously in this human world, and you do not like it.
Fedot planned in such a way to describe the true nature of all things related to their multiple links and to publish the final version in the form of a global hypertext and post on the Internet, so that his work was accessible to everyone. But Micah, as usual, objected:
-To really understand the true meaning of your method, you can run the system, but the results can get even a very long time, it can be said to infinity. And it will be impossible to understand all this for one normal human life ...
He continued:
- No, no Fedot, it is not so. To understand something, you need to drop everything, leave everything, to forget about all earthly things, you need to take off, soar. And it will be a thrill it will be free and easy. You can not just one mind to penetrate the truth.
- Come on, you're drunk, let's tequila with lemon.
Yes, yes, it's all he remembered, it was the last thing he remembered, but Fedot was wrong. Micah was very serious in that conversation. He was not drunk, and how can you drink the human soul? Not enough of all vodka that is in the world ... He felt that he was right, that he was standing on the edge of the clues of the main issue.
And here he was, alone, in the woods, naked.
"Yes, something happened: either my head or with all of this world" - Micah thought. He decided to take a walk through the woods and find out where he was.
He walked with his legs tingled conifer needles and sharp twigs, but it did not bother. Quietly squeaked bird was good, but no, even the slightest traces of manifestations of human activity, he has not met. The forest as a forest, the weather is good, the sun is shining. But something bothered. Suddenly the right of the branch snapped and he saw. He saw her.
It was her. It was a girl. She was naked. That is, it was not for garments. He turned and walked her to the meeting. It was good, pleasant forms, rounded hips and breasts, slim waist, wavy blond hair, thoughtful, slightly frightened blue eyes. Curly pubic hair glinting reddish tint. She also noticed Micah. She began to stare into his eyes, trying to find in it some support, anxiety slowly leave her eyes looked up from the face and fell below even lower and stayed there for a while.
- Who are you? - he asked.
- I, I - Xenia, - she said - I'm all alone, I'm looking for people.
- How long have you looking for?
- Yes, already a half hour. I woke up all alone and without clothes on the grass. And where is it?
The last thing she remembered about the past, that was before she woke up on the grass - it was the rhythm, monotonous beats the drum, accompanied by the singing of mantras. This rhythm drove behind him, led away from this reality to another, where everything was good, easily and correctly. She stared at the lights of torches, which were around the complex structures, which is a symbol of the one God, the subject of all things that needed sacrifices, worship and love. Around Susie, also like her, people were sitting and swaying ... Munro repeated after leading. The atmosphere in the temple seemed very tight, air - thick because of smoking incense, which are constantly smoldering at the altar, and above all - because of the people who do like sealing air their thoughts, feelings, aspirations, auras. The rhythm of the drum and singing gradually became more frequent, and this led for all is: I wanted to know what would happen when the rhythm becomes absolutely intolerable fast. There will be something important, something essential, something that is even more important throughout life Gone.
Xenia, like all others, was also involved in this rhythm, this stream that carried her to God knows where, but she could not and did not want to fight him. Her eyes are increasingly stayed on top of the buildings - a symbol of the deity, which symbolized masculinity. It seemed that this brilliant barrel changes color. Initially, he shone like svezhenachischennaya horn, but then, when the temple room was plunged into darkness, he began to get dark, but the brilliance remained and it looked like he was made of glass, the dark blue, then brown, and seemed even transparent. And she, Ksyusha, suddenly began to be clear that this is not just a symbol, but a real man's penis, which can enter into it, can pour into it as much vitality, so much bliss, for which she lives in this world. This phallus seemed to her pure, undefiled, he was not like the fact that she had seen the men who tried to seduce her. She always had time at the last minute to get away from them. No, at the moment it was the male principle of the absolute ideal in which there was no evil, drops, dirt or impurity. As her body spasm passed, she squeezed his legs and leaned forward ... Then it seemed that the fire flared up inside her, something expanding inside her, had to explode. But she did not remember the explosion.
- And who are you? - Said Xenia.
- I - Micah - Micah said.
- And what?
- Never mind! I am also looking for! It has long been looking for people looking for a lifetime.
- And where were you, would not it people?
- Yes were full, but some are not so. They are very different, not like me.
- Maybe you had to be sought, not people?
- May be...
Micah thoughtfully lowered his eyes, then picked them up and looked at Xenia. "Maybe it is, maybe it's what I was looking for? It all turns out ... "- Micah thought. And there is no chance in the world - he knew exactly.
Micah stopped to look at the person and Susie looked at her figure. "It's Okay, what breasts, nipples, you can dial a number, as would say Fedotov."
Xenia felt Fedota glance shyly lowered her eyes, but her eyes are not rested in the ground, as it were, of itself stood on the site of lower abdomen in Micah. "It's small, slightly wrinkled" - thought Xenia. "But it must be so, because if he was all the time great, he would have prevented him from walking," - she said reasonably herself - "He may increase." Although she saw Micah the first time she had felt sympathy for him, she wanted to be a member of the rose, nalilsya blood was like a phallus god inside her. And then she noticed that the member in Micah became more he seems to be swollen, thin skin stretched and slipped, became peep red head.
Micah looked Ksyusha eyes, took two steps and found himself right next to her. He slowly lowered his head and touched his lips to hers. This moment was perfect. Ksenia whole body shuddered and clung to Micah. Their lips have merged, they are eagerly looking for each other. Micah grabbed Ksyusha waist and gently stroked her. Ksenia language penetrated into his mouth and began to Micah fun tickle his tongue. Micah took his hands down her back, making Xenia all bent, then dropped his hands on her buttocks and began to lightly crush them, she still clung to him more. Curly hair on her pubic hair tickled already swollen head. Micah lifted one hand from her ass and pushed his penis to her, with back of his hand slide along the soft and elastic hairs on her pubic hair and his fingertips he felt a warm wetness, which was already full of all Xenia. And she no longer restrain his desires, his left hand pushed his hand, and right around his penis and began to gently caress him, moving back and forth the soft skin and gently squeezing it. Micah such actions have resulted in a more excited state. He took Ksyusha by the shoulders and began to pull her to the ground. Ksenia obediently lay down on the grass and spread her legs, slightly bending the knees, his whole appearance portraying humility and inviting. Micah leaned over her and began to search his lips her lips, and caught him sticking Ksenia member and helped him to find the entrance. Micah made a move hips and entered her, she cried out, a wave of pain seared her, but Micah did not notice it and continued his motion. Gradually, the pain dulled, as if mixed with the heat, which was inside it. Her breathing became heavy, the same as that of Micah. Beads of sweat began to arrive on their faces. The rhythm of the movement has come to resemble Ksjushe the rhythm of the drum and the rhythm of singing of her memories, and similar state hot wave of bliss was to capture her whole body. She began to help Micah their movements, the effort to meet him, then pulling away.
Micah thankfully began to catch his lips to her nipples. The rhythm of their movements gradually speeded up, they could not restrain their moans. Movements like breathing became quite sharp and gusty, Micah pressed against the prostrate girl and threw back his head bent. Intermittent pulse series pierced his lower body. Xenia also felt these impulses and, together with the hot seed poured into her new waves of immeasurable bliss. Consciousness of two people at the same time ceased to perceive the environment, but does not exist for them, reality. All completely changed. There were no thoughts, there was not even any feelings. There was no time, there was no space, everything is overshadowed unknown wall, leaving only bliss, just the energy, the only meaning to which they aspired. They flew, they flew in an unknown space, the thread that carried them, and which they themselves have created their movement. And it seems that there is no end in this stream, as well as no beginning ...
He rolled onto his back and pulled away from her. He was completely relaxed and helplessly watched the cloudless sky. It seemed that he did not feel anything, but at the same time, his body, his mind was filled with bliss, grace, sense of completeness and harmony. He felt that God was the God or almost became part of the universe, part of Susie, part of the whole. And what just happened, it was not just a manifestation of physiological processes, and it was a mysterious act of unity of opposites different natures, incarnation and at the same time, the union of the finite and the infinite, tangible and intangible. Micah understood that this is life, and for this he created.
Micah rolled onto his side and looked at Xenia. It is in response to a grateful smile, her whole appearance expressed bliss and relaxation. Micah gently stroked her thigh, his body is rested enough to continue. He moved to Ksusha and quietly turned over it. Their lips met again. All started chanting again, their bodies began to move slowly and rhythmically.
Deep breathing and the sounds of two people, caused by the movement of their bodies destroyed the utter silence that suddenly enveloped the forest. No other sounds, no other traffic was not around. Invisible observer took his eyes off the two of them and looked around. Around it was inaudible, still pristine and untouched forests .... Watcher moved away. He lost interest in what happens. Naked bodies are already visible as two spot among the green mass of the forest, then the forest became seen as one of the green spots on the land surface around which dominated the blue color of the water, then all this took the form of a ball, covered with a bluish haze. He became smaller and smaller, until it became a little star. Then she disappeared into the background of other big stars. Then he disappeared, and the remaining two in the woods zvezdy.A did not even notice the disappearance of the observer, as did not notice his presence. Their bodies did not stop moving, moving, moving ...
I sat in the sheets of the oak table and sipped his beer. The TV clips spinning, in the steam room was a necessary heat, warm water pool shill, but .. Serge said he did not come. So I had to be in a relaxed atmosphere to discuss with him a couple of questions .. Sunuvshiesya was my girls were expelled for three seconds. The girls did not want to. I do not want anything. I was sitting in a warm room, he pulled beer and thought about how I had better do in this situation. It should be easy to think everything would be all neat to beat ..
Behind came a rustle. "I said that I do not need anyone!" - I yelled and turned around. Before me stood a girl, no, a girl of nine or ten, already wrapped up to the armpits of bath white sheets.
"Who are you ?"
"I? .. I .. Marina"
"So what ?" - I looked at her bare feet, her slender arms and thought, what the hell guard missed it here.
"Never mind" - She said, and raised her hands. The sheet is not resting on his chest and did not take a more hands slid down to the feet. Before me stood a very small zhenschinka only beginning to take shape with the chest and with a completely clean pisyulkoy. As I looked at her, she came to me and tugged on my sheet. I realized, finally, what was happening, did not resist, the more so that his lips to my new friend, a little plump, promised razvlekuhu. I got up and unwound in a sheet and sat in a chair, legs spread wider.
Marina came to me and sat down on his haunches. She immediately swallowed all my still flaccid penis and began to push his tongue from one cheek to the other. As soon as he began to grow, she released him and pushed his tongue into my testicles. Oh, yes, I love it. She began to move them as if she wanted my balls pushed out. I closed my eyes with pleasure. Marina left hand was holding my rising cock and stroked the right leg.
Soon I was a member, and sometimes gently rocking, especially when Marina assiduously waved language. She let go of my balls, and finally swallowed their pooblizyvav mouth, and proceeded to the trunk. She became his finely-finely kissing, occasionally touching the tip of his tongue. Her hands grabbed his balls and began to sort through them and quietly scratching. Finally, she reached the top. The head, slightly covered with the foreskin, already expecting it. Marina stuck out her tongue and began to drive on the tip of his bare head portion, slightly pushing in the direction of the foreskin. These circular movements gave me a lot of fun and it seemed to me that the sperm in my balls start to boil, and in fact is still to come. I definitely liked this girl.
She made her lips, opened them and slowly began to dress to get wet ring on my head. When the head was in his mouth, her bottom cordially expect rough and hot tongue. Soon the tip of the head rested on the sky. I expected that Marina will move in the opposite direction, but then she got up from his squatting position and not letting a member bent. It turned out that she was now standing on his feet and straightened, bent at the waist, cling to me. Her torso, neck, and my cock are on the same straight line. And then she continued to hang around me. The head slid across the sky and penetrated into the throat. Marina loudly breathed his nose, but the movement is not stopped. She moved slowly toward me. The head rubbed against the wall of the throat, lips and tongue stroked the trunk, and the eggs were approaching the chin. Finally, she touched the tip of my nose and belly began to slowly take back. I held my breath.
When the head was free again, she had a bluish tinge, and seemed ready to burst. Second, and she began to re-immerse the inside member. I was on top of bliss. by laryngeal movement it gave me a heavenly pleasure. When Marina once again put her nose into my stomach, I felt the approach of orgasm. To prolong the pleasure, I put my hand on his head and a little girl hugged her. I did not realize that thereby I firmly pressed his stomach to her nostrils and stopped the access of oxygen. Girl almost instinctively jerked and began to make swallowing movements. Realizing his mistake, I immediately let go of her, she began to pull the penis out of the throat, continuing to ingest it. This I could not move and began to finish. The jet of sperm hit her in the mouth, and when she pulled out a member of his mouth, began to fall on the face, eyes, hair. I take his profusely, and she stroked my balls and caught the remnants of the seed mouth open. When it was over, her cheeks, nose, hands and neck were in the semen.
I leaned back in his chair. "Go, wash" - I said, and took a sip of beer. "Although, no, in this situation more appropriate cognac" - I decided and opened the bottle. Pleasant heat was razpolzatsya the body, a wonderful lemon completed the composition. "And that, and why not?" - I thought, and went to the steam room.
Heat steam pleasant pressed. I lay down on the shelf and closed his eyes. Bliss. Just buzz. The feeling of causeless puppy buzz filled me. After lying for some time, I jumped out of the steam room and ran to the pool. With a running start, I jumped in and began to swim. The water is not cold and not hot, pleasantly refreshes the body.
Then came Marina. "climbs" - I said. She did not have to beg. Turning back, she grabbed the railing and began to descend. I got a chance to see for the first time near the grace of the young body movements. Lack waist, flat butt and thin, but skillful, as I already knew, hands, together accounted for a fun ensemble. Going down into the water, she swam. It does not swim very much, so almost immediately she tried to get up, but the water was in the pool a lot and when her feet hit bottom, her head was already under water. Pushing, Marina was forced to swim to me. She grabbed the neck arms, I hugged her and she wrapped her legs and torso my breath.
Her gentle touch of his little body to mine, and in particular the bottom of her belly, started again to awaken a desire in me. Supporting palms her ass, I kissed her on the lips. They were soft and pliable, and already known to me the tongue began briskly with my butt. My cock is already stood up again, and I was a little concerned under water most tip of his middle girl's ass. For some time we have frolicked in the warm pool, while I decided not to go for more action.
"Come on, have a drink" - I said, and headed for the stairs.
Going into the room, I sat Marina to his knees and asked: "You want some cognac?" - She nodded. I poured her a glass and pulled up a bar of chocolate. We drank and kissed. Then he drank again and kissed. My guest was trying to speak, but I always covered her mouth with his. One time I kissed her little nipple and she gasped. Then I began to kiss, suck and bite her little nipples, not forgetting to caress her small body. She threw back her head, rolled her eyes and sighed quietly.
I picked her up and moved to the sofa. Having laid on his back, I lifted high her legs and spread them apart. My view appeared her wet little lye half parted with thin petals. Putting his dick on top, I started to drive them up and down. First, small movements, when I simply rubbed the bottom of his head, thereby opening of her cunt, just pushing petals sexual sponges, and then more boldly up when my eggs rubbed on the slot, and I just fed forward, as if trying to push them to it closer. Marina was lying motionless, he turned away toward his head and closed his eyes. Only a small shiver at times covered her body.
Meanwhile, on the surface ... it slits appeared a little grease, and my head was still covered with the foreskin, already covered with secretions, and I decided that it was time to insert it.
Once again, when my head was directly in front of the Marina, I did not give her to slip up on the lips to the tummy, but bit by changing the pressure angle, leaned his body forward. The head parted lips sex my girlfriend and the start of an exciting journey inside. I felt like the whole Marina tightened, but in the circumstances it could not help her, and I went.
I wanted to drive a sharp movement of his huge cock in her pussy for most of my eggs, but I restrained myself. I began to slowly enter her. It was not a virgin, but, nevertheless, it still slizhkom vagina was narrow. It seemed that I heard under my pressure with difficulty to straighten out all the wrinkles of her pussy as she pulled on my dick, and, when there is nothing to crack down when everything is strained to the limit, the next moment something in it is revealed (and maybe and slightly torn), and I have an opportunity to yet again move forward.
Finally, I ran into a wall of her young vagina and began to retreat. I quietly took out his penis and she seemed to be turned inside out to him. Having made a complete movement, I decided to speed up the pace a little. The vagina, not yet having had time to get used to the huge cock inside, trying to reduce, but in doing so, only uslilivalo grabbed me and brought me more pleasure and pain themselves. I have increased the speed.
Arrived lubrication, and move it became much easier. Then, having rested in the womb, I made a small upward movement, thus, almost stroking her. Marina gasped. Quickly stepping back, I leaned forward again and repeated the maneuver. She gasped again. I began to do so faster and faster, and sounds of Marina, turned to classical Indian ohana. I was sold. I could no longer do his "podmaha" in the end, I just pecked head in her womb, each time will drive his cock deeper and deeper. Soon my balls began to touch her buttocks, which only added enjoyment to me. Marina has not sighed, and shout every time I hit with force in her womb. The pace of my attacks more frequent, and it is a long, long time and cried.
Uperevshis it again, I froze. Marina trembling. I looked at flopping on my dick girl, trying not to break and not to pour his seed prematurely. When she calmed down a bit, I pulled out of her cock and turned it over.
Now it was cancer. After admiring her, I asked her to rely on her hands and kneel down, and he stood on the floor. Grasping hands on her buttocks, I again went into it. At this time, the way was clear, and so I am not very much rested on it, and everything inside it already relaxed that would better take me to himself. Again I started the movement, tucking member from side to side. It was just amazing.
Tight buttocks placed in my hands trembled. I had an another idea. Marina leaned forward, I made sure that she put her head in the back of the sofa, thus depriving it of the possibility to move away from my insatiable member. Pulling dick, red and wet with grease, I almost gave up his hand and placing it in front of the sphincter, strongly pushed forward. There was a very loud scream and thin. I even heard the echo sounded in the pool. Marina did not expect this of my course and therefore not much time to squeeze the sphincter. Of course, he resisted a little, but very short-lived. I was already in her ass and pumped her rectum as a member.
Delightful sensations shrinking anus again brought me to orgasm, but I restrained myself. I started rhythmic and deep movements. Every time I drives the his penis in her ass, Marina was making a sound like a grunt. Since this time, do not restrict me, I was able to drive it his entire penis. And I'm happy to use it.
Soon I decided pocheredovat sensation and pulled out a member of the anus, abruptly placed it in the vagina, do not forget to do your anointing push. Girl surprised grunted. Pulling cock back, I drove it into her ass, easily breaking the already nearly assembled ring sphincter. Marina raised her head and bent. I went out again, and again entered the vagina. And so again and again, increasing the pace.
Marina screamed long. I drive in both of her holes a raging dick, sweeping away everything in its path. I do not remember in the ass or pussy orgasm overtook me. I remember that I went and poured out sperm movement and there and there. When I finally pulled back, two holes on all fours girls - and inverted red and light brown pussy razvorochennoy sphincter, were covered with a layer of my white sperm.
You can take this story as you wish, from him except to say that the history of the real, perhaps the most real of previously written on this topic ...
A little - a little about myself, I'm 18, I'm tall, nice guy, handsome I did not call, but also to pull the monster is clearly not just an ordinary guy. What many who grew up in an intellectual family. I study at the university. all this to the fact that such stories can happen in good families.
So, with 14 years, I was absorbed in the world of sexual fantasies, a lot of thinking about sexual games, my fantasy was not the limit, they are not confined to any theme or sexual partner sex nor age, nor the amount. At first, everything was like everyone else, thought of the same age, but secretly masturbate to porn adult wanted to spend the night alone with an adult woman. Immediately began to understand what kind of things I was particularly excited, it is the presence of vegetation in a neat and partners will of course women's underwear (do not understand guys who just look at the naked boobs and they are ready to immediately terminate).
After a certain point, I realized that the passion for underwear turns into something else, and sometimes imagined himself in his underwear ... and then one day, I decided, rummaged in my mother's clothes, found a black lace panties, stockings and black bra of the same color. Wearing it, tucked in her bra socks, felt terrible excitement, could not resist, I lay on the bed, he puts his hand into her panties closing her eyes quickly began to masturbate. My mini-orgy did not last long, I finished a few minutes later but enjoyed completely overturned my life ...
Since then, I have stopped most simply be geterseksualom, and associated himself with the most bi. I still liked girls, but at the same time I would like to feel in a passive role. Dressed in beautiful lingerie ... from that moment I thought about that for a meeting with the guy you need to prepare for, namely to prepare the ass.
First, examine your ass with one finger, it was strange and painful, but then I could enter for 2 fingers after I found items that can replace the phallus: thick markers, carrots, bottles cylindrical shape well, and finally the fact that in my opinion the most similar on dick - weighty cucumber shoved into the condom. Believe me it is something not to forget to insert into her ass cucumber, pre-soak it in hot water (so it was warm and soft). Well. finding out which of my mother's underwear sets me more fit and developing his ass, I started thinking about intercourse. But here the problem, pass fagot is not part of my plans, I am normally a double life met with ordinary girls, but here before sex never came, so I'm probably more like to have sex with a guy.
Search for a partner in the internet while living in a small town is impossible, even if I can find something to hide it from others it was used it is impossible, since most then I started thinking about my brother. My brother who still lives with us, ie, with his parents, older than me for 4 years, he graduated to the university, but he was never the girls, I uhnal after he once came home drunk and he was drawn to the frank conversation. I long ago began to notice his big bump protruding from the pants when he was coming out of the bath and imagined how happy I will take it in his mouth, began to itch in the ass, she, too, wanted to accommodate the unit. My dreams so would have remained dreams if by chance I found on his laptop porn, besides the usual there to my surprise it turned porn with trans, first time, every day I masturbate to those vidyuhi, but then from the "drochilovo" got down to business ... I I realized that brother also would not mind to fuck trance, and this situation was worth to take advantage of ...
I reg- shaved his ass and clean it to be at any moment ready to accommodate his cock, but the reason it was not ... and that's because the case was brought. Parents left for the weekend at the cottage, and my brother went to the Saturday dnyuhu other, after which was priydti home drunk, I realized that this was my chance, I've been waiting since the morning when my brother would go away. Closing the door behind him, I started in a hurry to think what to do, the first thing you need to take care of the purity of his bowel, loosening the handle of the hose for a shower, I put a hose in the ass and filled the interior of a liter or more of warm water, and then went to the toilet, having done this a few times, my stomach churned and I finally realized that I was completely clean.
Fully vymavshis smell delicious shower gel I went to the parents' room for laundry, finding the right set of I carefully carried it to his room and polozhilna bed, have to wait when my brother comes.
At about 12 the doorbell rang and I saw his opening procedure drunk brother. Undressed, he blurted out something to me, trying to tell us something, and no supper went to sleep in his room. I understood that a maximum of 15 minutes and he was asleep, I went to my room and started devstvovat. Undressed before the goal I started putting things made from the beginning of wearing lace panties, black stockings, and then pulled a black bra outfit finished putting preziki with water (read, tried and realized that this is the best option), it was necessary to act.
First I went to the kitchen and made some finding savory sips in the refrigerator has an open bottle of vodka straight from the bottle. Way back there was no other such cases could have been avoided. Upon entering the room my brother's nose immediately rushed to the smell of alcohol, honestly wanted to run until it is too late, but I'm going to ... I had to act actively. I carefully pulled off the blanket and saw his brother cowards of them was ready to jump member (brother slischkom probably drank a lot), I decided to pull off his pants, having done this, I was surprised that my brother did not wake up, probably suffered from alcohol. Taking his cock in his hand, I realized that I wanted to put it in her mouth ... ah ... I started to suck, what bliss! Such a warm, sweet piece of meat, after a while I heard the sound of moaning vaguely reminiscent of but did not betray any significance until I was stopped by a question brother "You Th fuck are you doing?".
I stopped and looked into the eyes of my brother and we were silent a few minutes, and then I said that I know that he is interested in porn shemales and he really want to be in this role, only then he saw in what I was wearing. I honestly do not mind, I said, I want to please you, let me do this please let me suck you, instead of answering, he just put his hand on my neck and pulled his dick, by the time he was a little opal and me again had to bring it into working position after 15 minutes, brother began to moan. Do not stop, swallow deeper, deeper, stronger, he pressed his hand on my neck, I nearly choked on habit, a member seemed too big, after a further 5 minutes, he began to finish, 2 to 3 servings of hot salty sperm splashed into my mouth, by unaccustomed part I are not able to swallow.
But it is a huge amount of nectar I still swallowed. he shouted triumphantly and was silent. five minutes he lay in silence, and I completely sucked his cock, and then he said that I did not tell their parents, but I did not need that, I understand all the talk. Then he said, barely audible thanks, realizing that he is ready for it to end, I began to actively suck his cock to lead again in the firing position. What else do you want to ask a brother, tearing me away from such sweet procedure. t rachni me. fuck me like a whore as his girl, he realized I was serious, he dismissed me from the member put me on my back and pulling her mother's panties, without a word took in my mouth a member, do not expect such a turn I surprise and delight closed his eyes, a little while I felt that my ass began to penetrate, first one and then two fingers and three brothers, they unceremoniously make circular movements, fortunately hole was developed and I received only pleasure.
Suddenly he stopped and in a second resting my legs on his shoulders ... abruptly put his dick in my ass, I even cried, I have prepared my ass but I did not expect this, and lie those who write that in such moments only udovolsstvie pain still the same, but she soon passed is valid, the brother started all assertive move in my ass and I started postanovat, the sound itself began to break out of me ... oh god, yes ... fuck me. Banged, da..slova only pushed his brother and he finally ozverev just thrust his bolt to the end, probably another 20 minutes he then methodically accelerating then decelerating to fuck me in the ass ... in the end he frantically drove a member for the last time and I felt inside flowed something warm, he lay down on me and taking out a member of the lay on me.
a little breathless, I got out from under him completely licked his cock and pokavylyal in his room. Dream fulfilled! Well ahead of Sunday it was even ...
If you like writing, I may then write the continuation and believe it will be much more interesting ...
One day my mother and I decided to go to a nude beach in the country. There was a time, and the beach was empty. We stripped naked and started to sunbathe. My mother is very beautiful, she has a great figure, wide hips and breasts third dimension. I'm all into it. The difference between us 19 years, but we are often mistaken for sisters.
We lay in the sun, sunbathing, then went into the sea, swam, and after swimming and sunbathing has decided to go home.
Suddenly, not far from us there was a company out of four girls with the big tent. They were twenty years old, my peers. They must have also decided to sunbathe naked. We noticed that they glance in our direction. Mom said it was time to gather. We got up to get dressed, but then two of the four girls came up to us. They were completely naked. I noticed that they have a strong sports figures and strong arms and legs. Both were hiding something behind his back.
- We want to invite you to our fire, - said one of them.
- Thanks, but we're leaving - my mother said.
- Anywhere you go, - replied the girl. And then she threw herself at her mother, and the other flung at me. I did not have time to understand. On my hands snap the handcuffs and dragged me to the tent. Followed by a second woman led my mother. We were brought to the door of the tent, and forced to kneel. For us and left. naked, with his hands cuffed behind his back, as if we were slaves. I looked around. Four girls discussing something. Then one of them came up to us and said:
- 3des no one so that no one will help you. You'll do whatever we tell you, or we'll have to whip wet belt. This is very painful. Did you understand?
- Yes, we understand - my mother said for both of us.
- What is your name? - She asked.
- I'm Lena, and this is my daughter, Olya.
- How lucky! Girls, here we mother and daughter!
We were approached other girls. One of them unceremoniously put her hand into my crotch. My mother begged that they did not make it, but her requests have not paid attention. On the contrary, the two girls came up to her and began to explore her body. At this time, I felt a finger penetrate into my vagina. I tried to compress the foot and got a slap on the ass. I realized that I need to relax and let nasilnitsam do whatever they want, then they will leave us alone. The finger has moved from the vagina to the anus. Involuntarily, I tried to pull away, but a strong hand gripped my waist, and I literally planted in the ass finger. I felt ashamed that this humiliation turns me on. As if in answer to my thoughts next to me heard a moan. A few steps from me, two girls take turns licking mom forced them shamelessly disclosed vagina. My mother tried that I did not see it, but it is specially placed sideways to me, so that I could see all the details of my mother diligently massaging language crotch of a beautiful brunette with a magnificent bust, while the second - thin blonde with a big booty and melenkimi breasts - wanker mom clit.
After a minute in front of me appeared pubis, overgrown with black hair.
- Lick, bitch! - I heard a commanding voice. I gently pushed back. I pressed my mouth to his swollen lips with excitement sexually girls spread their language and began to lick. In my ass and vagina vengeance wielded experienced fingers of the fourth girl. I almost finished by the realization that I really used as a whore. Soon I brought one of the girls to orgasm, and the second did not let me finish, stopping time, when I was already on the brink. We were with my mother on his feet. I strapped on a belt strap pink high standing.
Then we were forced to snuggle up to each other. I first felt the touch of her nipple to the breast mother and I liked that feeling. Mom shyly hid his eyes, but I felt that it excites our position. nudity, handcuffs and the subordination of these depraved virgins.
- Kiss! - I ordered one of them. I dutifully touched his lips to her lips parted mother. She pulled away, but she pushed me again .. Then she whispered:
- 3akroy eyes, do not look, I'm embarrassed - and our lips met again. I was like an electric shock. We clung to each other more tightly .. My tongue turned into my mother's mouth. Behind heard cheers:
- And they did! Experienced whores.
I glanced at them and saw with horror that we filmed. I twitched, but one of the girls showed me a belt, specifically should be soaked in salt water. I realized that there is no turning back, and focus only on how to have fun. Soon the mother began to moan with excitement.
Then I put the right foot forward, so that she was between the mother's legs. She immediately began to rub the crotch of my thigh. We continued to take video, but that for some reason I was excited even more. To help her mother to come, I tried to get down on their knees to lick her vagina, but one of the girls stopped me:
- No, you have to please her in a different way. You two whores go to the litter.
We got a large blanket. She undid the handcuffs her mother again to tie down her front hand. Then she made her get down on all fours. Round ass my beautiful mom was right in front of me. I knew I had to do. He knelt down and pressed it to her his threesome. Mom leaned back, but did not get all of the strap into the vagina. Then the girl who led us, put the end of the strap to the door and told me to move. I planted the strap in my mother's womb. She stood on her knees and made sure the strap does not leave the vagina. Mom cried and moaned with pleasure. Making sure that I do everything correctly, the girl got up and walked to her friends.
The camcorder has worked non-stop, so I had no doubt that we have a mother waiting for a big change in my life. And I was right. When my mother and I had finished with her, we were forced to lie down and handcuffed so that my left arm was strapped to her mother's right, and vice versa. We had to lie down on his side, facing each other, and it was convenient to lie, I crossed her mother's waist. Immediately her knee turned in my crotch. We began to kiss again. The girls crowded around and loudly discussed our dignity. We did not care. We tried to enjoy each other's body.
Suddenly out of us pulled the litter, and we were on the sand. Four girls lined up in front of us and we poured a jet of urine. We immediately became wet. Soon they stopped watering and ordered us to go to the sea to rinse. We were bound together, so we had to go to the water side.
After bathing with our handcuffs were removed and instead wore leather collars. My collar was stiff and unpleasant scratching his neck.
We were ordered to move the tent to another location, away from the wet spot on the sand. After that, the girl told us to stand in front of them on their knees, and listen carefully.
- You two whores will now our sex slaves. Whatever you are stubborn and do not svoevolnichali, this video will remain with us. Dare to say to us - and the film gets into the Internet. Your address we charged with passports, so do not twitch. "Ms." to refer to each of us. I do for you, Mrs. Tanya. My girlfriend - Ms. Light, Ms. Alla and Mrs. Natasha. No familiarity from you, we will not tolerate. You dare to call us by name - get the whip. Clear?
- Clearly, Ms. Tanya - Mom said. Madame looked at me, and I added hastily:
- Clearly, Ms. Tanya.
- Today, you no longer need us. Can you get out. But tomorrow night, be prepared to come to where we say .. I'll call you at nine o'clock. Collars have on yourself, okay?
- Yes, Ms. Tanya.
We returned home and, without looking at each other and went to their rooms .... Then I went to bathe, and her mother began to prepare dinner. I stood under the shower and thought of not humiliating position in which we both were, and the proximity of the beautiful mother's body and her kisses. I myself did not notice that began to masturbate. Half a minute later shook me such an orgasm, I fell screaming into the bath. Mom ran into the bathroom and saw me lying almost unconscious, tried to lift me and I hugged her neck. Our lips met. I began frantically tearing the clothes from my mother. Soon we were in the bath under running hot water and gently kissed. Then we wiped and went into my bedroom. Mom lay down on the bed, face down. I sat on her hips and brushing hand cream, I began to make her a massage. My hands glided over her beautiful body. I especially liked to massage the buttocks. Mom sighed, turned the booty, and then unable to bear slipped under her right hand and began to masturbate. I lay down on it, my hands squeezed her breasts. Mom put the ass, so my crotch rested against her firm buttocks. I began to move like a man, a woman trahayuschi th in the ass. A few minutes later my mother came. Then I sat on her ass and started rubbing the crotch to the buttocks. It felt so good that I came pretty quickly, too. Mom rolled over and whispered:
- What are we doing? After all, we do not have. I'm your mother! How could we?
Instead of answering, I again lay down on it and began to gently kiss on the lips.
- I love you, Mom!
Suddenly, the phone rang. I got up and picked up the phone.
- This is Ms. Tanya, remember me, whore?
- I remember Mrs.
- I know what you're doing to your mother-prostitute.
- Ms?
- Okay, do not pretend to be a hymen. So, we forgot to tell you that you went to a sex shop and bought some to plow ass. To expand the anal hole, okay?
- Yes Milady.
- On the night itself and the mother paste. In the morning do not forget to change to thicker. 3avtra eight evenings you will call our driver. To that time we were both ready.
I did as I was told. In the evening, we put each other plows, starting with the most subtle. When I walked around the apartment, I plow rhythmically stir in my ass, delivering an incredible feeling. My mother felt the same way. We went to bed together. Middle of the night I woke up several times, woke my mother and we masturbated together. In the morning, we slept on the job, a quick breakfast, inserted himself into the anus following thickness plows and went about his business.
In the evening, we make up, put on sexy underwear, buttoned collars around their necks and waited for eight hours. At eight the doorbell rang. I threw on a robe and went to open. 3a of the door was a beautiful boy of 18. He was pronounced femininity.
- Lena and Olga live here? . he asked in a thin voice.
- Yes here.
- I was sent to my and your mistress. We are waiting.
We went out to the car. It was a long limousine with eight doors. The driver opened the door and we climbed inside.
I went we long. Soon we went to Rublyovka and parked at some of the new high-rises.
The driver took us inside, we went to the elevator. While we were on the eighth floor, I stared at our satellite. It was a really handsome, but I noticed that he had a slightly tinted lip and beautifully summed up his eyes, and he also wore women's high heels.
The elevator door opened, and we went out onto the landing and stopped at a metal door. Immediately the door opened, and Mrs. Alla invited us inside.
- Girls, look, our new whores were! - she said.
few women are in a luxurious apartment. Our four hostesses we found at once. They were dressed in a short black and white dress, under which there was nothing.
In corridors and rooms scurrying girls dressed in white thong, stockings and transparent and flirty aprons, on the necks of their collars were the same as ours. I realized that it was a slave, the same as we are. Some people set the table, others were busy in the kitchen. In total there were five.
- Well, we have seen enough? - Mrs. Alla told me. - Join them. You are our servant, not forgotten?
We began to undress. Boy driver also undressed, and we were surprised to see that under the outer garment he wears the same thong and stockings, as a slave girl. In addition, it was white lace bra.
- Sasha, explain the new slaves, what are their duties, - told Mrs. Alla. . Go to Sasha, - she added, turning to us.
We moved to another room. room for servants, Sasha explained to us. 3des was not even a bed, on the floor were spread out carpets and velvet cushions scattered. The walls were metal rings are embedded.
- So you're a guy or a girl? - I asked.
- I - Shemale, feminized male. My chest is growing slowly, but my ass is always ready to take the strap mistress - Sasha replied. She prispustila panties and we saw a small segment, which was wearing something like a cover of plastic. Case has been assigned under the eggs metallic padlock.
- This chastity belt - Sasha explained. - Because of women's clothing, I go all the time excited, just to die - so I want someone to fuck. But the mistress, my lady of light, does not allow me even to masturbate. I have the right to terminate only if I fucked in the ass threesome.
- You will not interfere with this thing? - Mom asked, pointing to the chastity belt.
- No, - said Alexander. - I still butt-plug in the ass as you. You know what, let's talk later, and the angry housewife. We have a big party, come hostesses friends, and we will have to serve them. And then our mistress and their guests will want to make love with each other and with us slaves. We have given them.
We went to the kitchen and joined the other slaves. Two of them were Shemales, Sasha, their name was Jack and Michelle. Real girls named Jana, Julia and Larisa. They were very beautiful as the selection, as our hostess.
Soon we began to emerge guest. I had to strechat them at the door and take their coats. They were mostly adult women age thirty five to forty, but there were also older.
Ten o'clock they were all assembled. Jan, who was warden, told me to stand behind the chair buxom brunette of about forty-five, dressed very plainly, I had to wait on her. Mom at this time on the other side of the table served by Ms. Natasha.
- New? - She asked indifferently.
- Yes Milady.
- Nothing will get used. Give me the olives ..
Dinner was short-lived .. Soon Michelle and Julia began to clear the table, and the other slaves lined up in the middle of the living room. Ian rolled out from another room in a large cage height. The cell was so narrow that it could only be stretched to his full height. Ian has put a box on the floor and said to us:
- Each takes one piece of paper.
First pulled Sasha. She showed a blank piece of paper, and it took the hand of one of the guests and led him into the bedroom. Another took out a blank piece of paper Larissa, and its also stole one of the women. Mother standing beside me, pulled the penultimate. On the paper was a cross. To my mother approached Jan and Jack and took in hand was taken to a cell. Ian shut the door of the castle. Mom was in captivity.
The woman has got me into the bedroom and shut the door.
- You liked me - she said, and began to unbutton her dress. . What you are, help me to undress!
- Yes, Madam, - I said, and began to undress her. While she was freed from the clothing, I frankly admired her. She was very pretty, forty, a little plump, but in moderation, breast fifth the size, barely covered by a translucent white bra, wide hips, and strong hands. Under the miniskirt she appeared almost transparent white thong panties, which she immediately took off, and I saw a neatly trimmed triangle of black hair ... pubic.
- Do not be afraid and, most importantly, do not resist - warned Mrs., buckling to the thighs thick three finger pink strap. - You are mine and mine alone for the night, so you do whatever I want. I got it, slave?
- Yes, Madam, - I whispered.
- Good. Now stand on all fours and crawl into bed.
I sang her order and slowly approached the bed, putting up lustfully ass. Madame was sitting on the edge of the bed with a tube of a cream in her hand. I turned to her booty, from which protruded anal plow. Mrs. carefully learned it from me and began to insert in its place the fingers, smeared with cream. I could not help podmahivala, trying to hold back the moans of pleasure. Finally, Ms decided that my ass is ready to receive the strap, and knelt behind me, stick me in the beginning of his phallus. I screamed in pain as thick head pushed into me. Immediately followed by a slap on the back:
- 3atknis!
Strap was slow, jerky, bringing me a lot of pain, but then I felt that this pain is replaced by intense pleasure. When nearly all of the phallus appeared in me, madam forced me to stand up straight, threw my hands, so I leaned back to her full breasts, and began to rhythmically move her hips. Ooooooo what it was a delight! I moved to the strap, while shamelessly masturbated, and during this time, Ms. gently caressed my breasts. When I finished screaming, writhing all over, we decided to change the position. I lay on the bed face down, and Madame lay on top of me, and again plunged the strap on my ass.
- You're good slave? - There was her voice, gasping whisper.
- Yes, my beautiful lady, - I moaned. - Please do not stop!
Her tongue tickled my neck. I dared not answer her kisses, because I do not know if I have the right to have it, but soon her mouth found my lips and we started to gently kiss. A minute later we were both finished. Lady withdrew from me and flipped me on my back. I felt on my hands snap bracelets. I was crucified on a bed. My legs were divorced in hand and fastened to the chains, emerging from under the bed. In addition, Ms. tied my eyes with a towel ..
- Now I sit in on your face, slut, and you will lick me. I'll give you three minutes to make me come. Do not have time, I will punish you.
With these words, she sat on my face so that her vagina was dripping grease just above my mouth. I heard clicked a stopwatch, and began diligently working language. I liked the tart taste of Mrs. vagina. I was madly excited my position. I'd love to masturbate, but his hands were shackled. I wondered about my mother, about how we were good together, and a wave of desire enveloped me with renewed vigor.
I woke up, because that madam slapped me lightly on the cheek.
- You did not fulfill my order, slave Olya! I managed to finish only three and a half minutes! You're supposed to punishment. What do you choose: the urine or the whip?
- Urine, Madam, - I replied, after a moment's thought.
Woman unfastened me from the bed, pinned my hands handcuffed behind his back, jerked to his feet and led him into the bath. When we walked through the living room, I saw a few naked girls, who danced with each other under the slow music around the cage. Two girls standing near the cage and put his hand between the bars, unabashedly explored the beautiful body of my mother.
Mrs. pushed me in the back. We went to the bathroom. The hot tub were Mrs. Alla and Mrs. Tanya, they loved each other with mutual vibrator. My Lady, do not hesitate to them, dragged me into the shower stall and forced to kneel, face higher raise and open your mouth. I obeyed. From her vagina gushing stream of urine straight into my mouth. I hastily swallowed, but still did not have time, some spilled on my chest. Shortly stream dried up, Ms. included hot water to wash my urine.
- Tom, how is she to you? - Asked Mrs Tanya.
- Nothing slut, I like it. Not very experienced, but I taught her.
- Teach Health - endorsed Ms Alla.
- Enough already, get up, whore! . Ms. Tamara told me. I stood up. The bathroom included a slave Sasha with a towel. A member of the stake was transsexual, but when Sasha mnya wiped with a towel in her touch, I did not feel even a hint of desire. Only later I learned that in this house transsexual were even more powerless than the usual female slave.
After Sasha wiped me dry, Ms. Tamara took me back to the bedroom and again chained to the bed. I thought that it again starts to fuck me, but Madame just lay down next to me with a pornographic lesbian magazine. Carefully, I moved towards her, trying to cling to her body, but Madame ordered me to lie still and not interfere with it.
A few minutes later there was a knock at the door. There was a head slave Sasha:
- Ms. Tamara, you are asked to phone.
Mrs. threw the magazine, got up and left the room. Sasha hesitated and sat beside me on the bed.
- Do you like it here? - She asked shyly.
- You can live, - I replied. - And you?
- Do I have a choice? - I said sadly transsexual.
- And how did you get here?
- I sold my mother here.
- Mama?!
- Well yes. You know, when I was a boy, I loved to put on lingerie. Being alone in the house, I climbed into my mother's closet, took her bra, panties, stockings, dressed up in all of this and so went around the apartment. I was very excited. I always masturbated, imagining myself in bed with her mother, but not as a man but as a woman. I liked to insert various objects in the ass - candles, the handle of the brush massage, because I noticed that from this finish faster and more abundant. And once I had found in the closet dildo. It was a real treat. I was wearing the sexiest underwear, lay on his mother's bed and began to insert it into itself.
Then suddenly my mother came back. I just finished, when she appeared in the doorway. Imagine, she entered the room and saw me in her underwear with her vibrator in the ass .. I continued to hold on to his penis, from which all else flowed sperm, while the other hand moved a dildo in her anus. Mom came up to me and silently struck me in the face. And she told me that if I do not want to be the guy, I'll be a girl, and promised to teach me the female behavior and we will start now. I tried to protest, but my mother was not listening. She pulled out a video camera and a mirrored cabinet showed me many days of recording, as I made love to herself, and said that I have to forget that I was a guy. She stripped naked in front of me, I am very excited again, my cock stood up, but my mother told me to put her panties and touching more to it.
Then she made me get cancer, I think it will hit me again, but instead she took a vibrator out of me and began to finger fuck me in the ass! I was very ashamed to stand on all fours in her mother's pantyhose and a bra, and at this time moved her finger in my ass. After two or three minutes I had finished, the entire Gulf of sperm bed. Mom laughed and said. You see, you even end by a woman, because you fuck that! From now on, you should not touch his penis. From that day a new life began for me. Mom threw all my things for men and bought a lot of lingerie. At home, I kept coming in pantyhose or a thong, and went out into the street in a short tight dresses, which were under the tights and a bra with pads. In my ass I am in a plow. My mother made me drink hormones. That night we went to bed together, and I prepend their mother developed ass. It felt so good! I felt ... this whore that fucks my lady. A birthday my mother gave me a collar and a "chastity belt" to my cock and then she put them on me.
She also asked if I want to become a real woman. I replied that I wanted. Then my mother put me in the hospital for a sex change, and there I made a chest, and a year later I will make the vagina. And before that I have to live here in the slave position.
- And you allow to masturbate? . I asked.
- Once every two weeks with my chastity belt removed and allowed to masturbate, as I want to. I finish several times - proudly told me Sashenka.- And when we locked up in prison, we do Genia blow each other. Just do not tell anyone. I quite touching tongue to the head member, so I came.
- And now you can finish?
- If you let me touch a segment of your beautiful breasts, I finish, because you really excite me. If you do not mind, I finish with you, and then all the sperm Slizhov language.
- Of course, touch - I agreed. Sasha immediately sat down on my chest, and it turned out to segment between my boobs. Transsexual gently touched the head of the phallus to my left nipple. I groaned and immediately felt the hand of Sasha gently massaging my crotch. That was enough: I immediately had finished, and a second on my breasts spilled semen flow. Sasha became quickly lick everything nakonchal with me, and then opened the door and entered Ms. Tamara. Ms. Sasha grabbed by the hair, tore her away from me and slapped slap slave:
- Oh, damn! Found where splashing their dirty sperm! Come on, get out of here! No, wait. Slizhov all this, then bring a wet towel and wipe it clean! And your hostess will decide how to punish you.
Sasha dutifully licked me, then ran for a wet towel and wiped the remnants of sperm. Madame put her out the door and lay down again beside me. She did not pay attention to me, focusing on my journal. I did not dare move. Half an hour later I wanted to write. I said timidly about this Lady, but she asked me to lie still and not interfere. Soon it became absolutely unbearable, and I tried to change the position. Then Mistress stood up, leaned out the door and called someone.
Again there was Sasha. Lady told her to lie on the floor, and then unfastened me from the bed, sat on the transsexual person. I could not restrain myself, and obediently opened his mouth Sashenkin of me poured urine stream. While I was devastated his bladder, Ms. Sasha photographed us your mobile phone. When I finished, Ms. Sasha ordered to lick my crotch.
Then again, I went to bed with Lady, and Sasha had to watch as we love each other. I held up my vagina Lady, and she planted in me the strap.
Lady used me all night with short breaks in the morning it took me out of the bedroom and passed into the hands of Warden. Passing through the living room, I noticed that the cell is already empty, and the few slaves removed from the table.
Warden took me to the basement where slaves were kept. Jan explained that a slave in the house are obedience school. First, they are locked up in the basement of the prison, and only after they had become accustomed to his subordinate position, they are allowed to rest in the maid's room.
Basement actually turned out to be a prison. Ian pushed me into a spacious chamber in which there were already a few girls. In the midst of the chamber stood a cell in which my mother lay. She was completely naked. Warden opened the door and made me climb inside. cell ceiling was so low that I could sit down, head bent. Cage was close, so we Lena clung to each other. Warden we closed on the lock and left. Prison door slammed.
I looked around - crowded around us naked girls with collars, they loudly discussed our dignity. Transsexual Sasha sat in front of us on his heels and said:
- Do not worry, we've all been through this cage more than once .. Mistress called her "obedience trainer." In the evening, you go home.
We tried to get comfortable, but it was still very crowded. Sasha said that the cell is specially made to teach slaves to be ashamed of same-sex love. Another transsexual, Eugene, advised me to go to my mother from the top, then it is convenient. I saw that my mother is shy, but we had no way out, and then I put her mother on her back, and she gently fell on her.
To distract from the fact that we were naked on display, I asked how the night passed. Mom told briefly that she had to stand for five o'clock in the cell, the wrong hands constantly caressed her body. Ms. Tanya stuck a banana in the mother's vagina, and then forced her to eat the banana. Some blonde with small breasts demanded that mom masturbating in front of everyone, and when she tried to refuse, it was dragged out of the cell and whipped whip on the back and the pope. Then the mother began to fulfill all the wishes of his tormentor. In telling it, she blushed deeply, and I realized that she really liked it all.
How, then, on the beach, we both felt the excitement and desire. Girls standing around the cage, caressing each other, looking at us, and it excited me even more. I kissed my mother in the half-open mouth, and her hands at this time stroking my ass. My left hand was in her crotch. Mom spread her legs, and I began to masturbate her clit ... At this time, her index finger entered my anus and began to move there. I went down below the left breast and kissed my favorite. Mom holding back moans of pleasure, but I felt that she was about to finish.
Larissa Michelle and Julia came closer and with glowing eyes watched as we caress each other. Two transsexual were right in front of the cage. Sasha knelt before Eugene and licked the head of its segment. At this time, Eugene moved in her ass anal plow. Soon, on the face and chest Sasha richly poured semen. Sasha began to smear her with delight over her body. Then, too, Jack knelt down and began to lick the nectar of love with his girlfriend's breasts.
I wanted to lick my breasts with the same tenderness, and offered to change my mother. I lay on my back, and my mother was on me and started to excite my nipples lips and tongue, and soon I had finished. Then the mother began to masturbate, hugged me. To help her, I caressed her full breasts.
- Look, darling, - my mother whispered in a broken voice, - these girls are beautiful! And they love each other, looking as I gave you! Ah, I feel good. Love me, my dear!
Our lips have merged in a kiss, and my mother came. Then we had a long lay in each other's arms, and the girls went to their cubicles. We went to sleep, but two hours later we woke Ian Warden:
- Come on get up! Come out, so hurry! Mistress says you can go home. When necessary, you will be called.
Coming out of the basement, we found his clothes, put themselves in order, and transsexual Eugene drove us home. Along the way, she said that as a reward for what we both worked so well, gave us our Mrs. Eugene overnight. In support of this, Jack gave me the key to her chastity .poyasa ..
Houses we first decided to take a shower. Mom went to the bathroom first, and I poured a glass of wine Genet. Transsexual drunk and said that if I wanted to take her right now, without waiting for the mother to return, she, Jack, all at my disposal.
- Have time, - I replied. - Tell me and you, too, ex-boyfriend?
- Yes, of course - quietly he replied Eugene. - Like Sasha, my childhood liked to dress up in women's underwear. When I grew up, my mother introduced me to the girl, who then marry me ... marry. Her name is Svetlana. She was beautiful and very domineering, like my mother. Soon I noticed that something was going on between the mother and the light. They are often locked in her mother's room or in the bathroom and did not allow me to go. Light became part of me to refuse sexual relations. I was content to put on her underwear and masturbated .. And one day I ventured out into the street, wearing a robe bra and thong. Then I began to secretly painted and wear short dresses .. My wife's all very exciting. One summer morning, I decided to do an experiment. Mom and Amy just was not at home. make up, hair done, put on a sexy white panties and bra, and to make breasts bigger, put cotton in the cup. On top put on a semi-transparent top and a short skirt. I looked in the mirror and realized that in fact never been a guy, and only girl in the body of Man. I went out into the street.
All the men turned around and looked after me. I walked to the subway, down the escalator, and squeezed into the car. There were a lot of people. I felt behind me pressed against something hard. I thought it was a member of the men, and I'm very excited. Thick stick was in the hollow between my buttocks, and my hips were someone's hands. My cock stood up. I leaned back, and then his hands slid up to my artificial breasts. I saw these hands - they were women, with bright red nails! I turned my head - it was actually a woman! Thirty-five years, very beautiful and sexy. Her breasts were of medium size, strong athletic figure in a short dress. Her right hand dropped down, climbed under her skirt, felt for my segment in panties and began to move it up and down. At the same time the end of her phallus hooked on the rear edge of my skirt and lifted up ee. The head rested on a strip of strings between the buttocks. I could no longer hold back and finished right in her panties. At the next stop she got. I liked it so much that I was looking forward to a repeat.
The next morning, I again turned to the girl and went to the subway at the same time. Half an hour later the woman appeared. She immediately recognized me, smiled and nodded in the direction of the car. We went inside, and she was back behind me. We are tightened on all sides. Nobody paid attention to us. Her hands glided over my body, and the member moved to my ass. I lowered her panties and parted the buttocks. She became his right hand to insert me in the ass his dick, and left to caress me. Soon it turned out to be the phallus in me and began to move back and forth. I was in seventh heaven of delight. My first ever had in the ass, and I enjoyed it. I finished almost immediately. Then she came out of me and together we jumped out of the car. She demanded that I licked her left hand, which was all in my semen. I did as I was ordered. Then she lifted her skirt and I saw that its members are actually fake. She explained to me that this is a strap-dildo with which lesbians fuck each other. Then he asked me if I do not want it again fuck me in the ass, and I gladly accepted. We went to her house, and I gave it to her. Then she told me that at first glance I realized that I was not a girl. We spent a few magical hours together and then agree to meet in a week. I returned home, forgetting to be careful, and found the mother and the Light, when they made love on our double bed. I stood in the doorway, forgetting about how I look.
"Zhenya, is it really you? - Light asked. - And I thought and thought, who is stealing my panties, lipstick and nail polish? Well..."
From that day we stopped quite normal sex. I was forced to wear women's clothes .. My mother bought me any cosmetics. Light fed me female hormones and taught to walk on his heels. Not a day passed that I was not dragged into the bed to take turns to fuck in the ass threesome. And once they pumped me sleeping pills and was taken to a clandestine clinic sex change. I made a nice chest, but left the cock and balls - so wanted Light. It gave her pleasure to see how my dick gets when they are with my mother love each other. And so I can not masturbate, they put me a chastity belt, which allowed me to shoot only once a month. All other times they raped me almost every night. I became their sex slave, whore, which should expose her mouth and ass at any time.
They even invite their girlfriends to participate. And then I bought them, Mrs. Alla and brought to the house.
Jack finished his story. By this time, my mother had already left the bathroom and stood at the door of the living room in white translucent silk robe. Her breasts were visible through the thin fabric. Panties, consisting of threads of the narrow, almost did not hide the black triangle of the pubis. I felt that I am filled with desire, but first it is necessary to take a shower was. I took Eugene's hand and together we went to the bathroom. There we are divided, and I took off her chastity .poyas .. We stood under the hot spray, and Jack hugged me, and we began to kiss .. Member of the girl rested in my stomach. I forced her to turn back to me and pressed her pubis to her ass.
- Wait - whispered Genia. She dropped to all fours and put up her elastic ass. I sat down on her buttocks and began to rub them on your vagina. I managed to finish in half a minute. Then I pulled the plow of transsexual priests and began to wash her anus. When I finished, the Zhenechka allowed to lick my ass. We wiped dry, bathrobes and threw out of the bath. Mom was waiting for us in the bedroom. The huge bed was unmade.
- Since all three of us - slave - my mother said, - we have the right to do with each other all we want. So Jack, if he wants, can take any one of us. Do you agree, my daughter?
- Of course, Mom, - I replied.
- You can call me by my name, if you want. because we love each other.
- Yes mom. ie Lena. My love, how beautiful you are! - I blurted out.
- You want me?
- Yes, darling!
Then my mother pushed me in the chest and I fell on the bed. Jack was on top of me. Her standing elastic segment has already been put on a condom. I spread her legs, and the phallus girl ended up in my bosom. Eugene strong shocks hammering into me his penis. I hugged her neck and began to kiss on the lips. At this time, my mother, having fastened to the thigh strap, Zhenya hugged the waist and entered her from behind. Eugene began to lick my nipples. Mother's hand stroking my hair. I grabbed her right hand and began to suck the finger. Jack finished first and pulled me into his limp phallus. Lena pushed transsexual and lay down on me. Strap appeared at the entrance to my ass tortured. I wrapped her mother's waist, legs, and a dildo stuck in my anus. We turned to the side, and my mother began to fuck me at the same time squeezing my breasts. Jack lay down on the other side and pressed to a member of my buttocks. Then my mother changed: she lay down on my stomach, and I was wearing a strap and went into her ass. Jack sat down in the face of my mother and put her back facing segment. Lena obediently took it into his mouth and began to suck. At this time I struggled worked her hips, sliding the strap on mom.
Zhenya and I fuck her from both sides, and she loved it. I slipped his right hand under my mother's thighs and began to massage her clit. At this time Eugene had finished it in her mouth, and her mother having fun swallowed semen our transseksualochki. Then Jack bent down and kissed her on the lips and lay down beside us. I continued to have my mom's anus, and my beloved, in time with beats, whispered in a broken voice:
- Yes, that's it, yet! Take me, my beautiful girl! Fuck me! .. I'm yours, only yours ... I love you. I'm your nipple, your whore.
From these words, I was excited because I had dizzy, and soon my mother and I both finished.
... We continued for another two hours to have fun, and then released weary and satisfaction Genia, after wearing her segment of "chastity belt".
The next morning we Lena going to work. I worked as a manager in the sales department of a cosmetics company, and my mother was the director of a major travel agencies. We almost met when the phone rang. It was Mrs. Alla.
- You two sluts gather to work? Well, this week we do not need you, but on Saturday at one o'clock so were we. And again, to work not dare to wear panties. Never. Only stockings and garter belt. And short skirts. In the ass - anal plow. All clear?
- Yes, Madam, - I said mechanically.
We have done what was ordered, and each went to their place of work.
I am with almost no visitors, and I was engaged in sales reports. Several times I called our directress, Natalia, and demanded that I went to see her, but I did not dare go because no panties and stockings, a lacy top that looked out from under a short skirt, I felt like a whore, exposed naked on public display. Anal plow walking constantly moving in my ass, bringing me pleasure, so I just writhed with desire. I always wanted to masturbate, but my secretary Galya bezvylazno stuck in the office. In the end I could not stand it, I rushed to the bathroom, locked herself in a stall, pulled up her skirt and began to masturbate himself. When he finished, I sat for a few minutes in the pleasant exhaustion, then got up, pulled down her skirt and came back into the room, where she found that Mrs. Alla came. Galya, obeying my gesture, withdrew. I closed the door behind her, but forgot to turn the key in the lock.
Ms. demanded that I got cancer, and lifted her skirt. I obeyed. Lady's fingers began to explore my crotch.
- You've just finished.
- Yes Milady.
- You somebody ordered to masturbate, the prostitute?
- No-oo, Madam, - I moaned.
- You will be punished. Stand on your knees! Hands behind your back clean!
He was shaved vagina Lady in front of me. I clung to her lips and began to kiss.
- Language works!
I dutifully caressed her tongue, trying to give her the most pleasure. Soon her moans passed in shouts. When he finished, she turned to me his back, spread her buttocks and made me lick her anus. And then I heard the creak of the door opening. On the threshold stood Natalia. She looked at us with a Lady with a huge surprise. I felt myself blushing. Mrs. Alla, on the contrary, does not embarrassed and said:
- I am the mistress of the whore. Are you the director of the local? Do not hesitate to go. Have you ever licked between her legs as can lick my slave?
Natalia smiled hesitantly.
I could not help admiring it: our headmaster a very beautiful woman. She was about forty-five, but if you do not know this, we can assume that she was ten years less. Strong athletic figure, strong legs, a fourth the size of the bust, it all drove men mad. I had never thought about it as a possible sexual partner, but now I realized that I madly want it.
Ms. Natalia took the hand and sat in a chair. Grabbing me by the hair, she pushed my face in my knees Natalia:
- Do your thing, the prostitute!
Natalya shoved my hands in protest, but Mrs. gently hugged her shoulders and said:
- Do not worry, you'll like it! Spread their beautiful legs, so that our slave might please you!
Hands Lady Natalie stroked his chest, which is strongly excited by this. I lifted her skirt and saw a thin white strip of panties. In this strip crotch completely disappeared between sexual sponges. I tenderly kissed Natalia in pubis and heard her broken whisper:
- Yes, my girl, lick me! I can not stand! Suck my clit, caress it!
I pushed the strip of cloth and plunged his tongue into her vagina Natalia. At this time, there was a sound of a kiss. Ms. Natalia shamelessly kissing on the mouth, while caressing her full breasts.
A few minutes later Natalia finished. My whole face was covered with grease it. Ms. Natalia helped to undress and put her stockings on my desktop. I was back between her legs and began to insert his tongue into her bosom .. Mrs. climbed on the table and sat down on the face Natalya. I saw,
Marina watched as Sasha rapes her mother, and her segment rose. She just dying to. Ms Alina dumped clothes, remaining in thong panties and fishnet stockings. Mrs. Alla helped her to fasten to a belt thick strap. Alina went to Marina and forced her to kneel.
- Suck, Whore!
Marina obediently took the strap of Ms in his mouth. Alina began to move her hips, snoshu new slave in her mouth. Marina diligently sucked.
I have a friend of Andrew. I often go to him, and I can not knock, just go to his room. This right, I constantly use. One day in the summer (on vacation) I came to him and habitually went to his room. There was nobody there. I sat like that for ten minutes, and then into the room casually glanced his sestra- girl of eighteen, she studied at the university in the first year, and, moreover, is quite nice. She said that Andrew will be a few days - he went to Odessa with his parents. I was disappointed, and was about to leave. Lena was in front, and I was a little taken aback this ass. I previously had no idea that Lena has a beautiful figure. We often sat together at the computer, but I did not pay it much attention. Immediately I began to flow salivating.
We stood in the hallway and talked peacefully, but then she caught on foot on something and almost fell. I caught her in his arms. It was once warm, I would be happy to stand so at least two days, and then felt her hands, too, closed behind me. Then it was like a dream: a few minutes, we looked at each other in the eyes, and then I started to draw her to him, not knowing what I'm doing. And then we kissed. We kissed a few times, and then I took her in his arms, and carried into the bedroom. With trembling hands undid her jeans. Then I do not remember anything. I remember that we fucked for a long time, do not even remember, with a condom or not. I was like a drunk.
I remember with pleasure squeezed her huge breasts as covered with kisses all over the body, she then moaned. It lasted a long time, then we are exhausted just kept kissing. Lena is seen very much like affection, but at the University of her shyness did not allow her to find a boyfriend, and then she gave up. I gave her this affection.
After that, we rested a bit, and I thought it was time to go home. It was well after midnight, I packed up and left, warning that tomorrow will come to her, and I would like to repeat, but Lena suddenly with sadness vozrazila- it again tomorrow goes to university. I was disappointed, but consoled herself that she still is soon to come for the weekend. We gently said goodbye and I left.
Since then, it took about a month, Lena did not come home, Andrew and his parents returned from Odessa. But one day I came to Andrew and Lena met me! My joy was not the end, I hugged her warmly, kissing, and we almost caught the eye of Lenin's home. We have agreed that everything will be kept secret. And I as if nothing had happened with Andrew sat at the computer and we played dissent. Andrew invited into the kitchen to eat, I was in the room itself, and then Lena ran up to me, hugged him and said:
-We have half an hour, have time?
Instead of answering, I kissed her. I fucked her against the wall, we tried not to make noise, but that raised even more noise. Lena bit her lips already, rolled her eyes and clenched her hands, she almost began to moan, but I reminded her a long kiss that sit across the room, her parents and brother, and she came to her senses. Her hot breath scorched me, I'm like a drunk again. I led a Lena-she hastily straightened clothes, and ran in another room- before I had time to fasten his pants, and improve tousled hair like Andrew entered. He did not notice, and how he was thinking that his sister just fucked with his friend, who for three years less than her. I sat for a short time, and went home. The next day, Lena went, but I have now waited patiently until she comes back.
And so every time when Andrei absented himself somewhere if only for half an hour, Lena and arranged in his room a little pogrom. Then I might well consider yourself lucky. But once Andrew was away on as much as 2 hours! He got on the bike in a small accident. I do not hurt, but the cops waiting for a long time, and you can not go anywhere. His parents soon left, and Lena stayed at home. Here I come. Upon learning that we have two hours, I divide it completely (because each time did not have time, we actually fucked in clothes) and again was delighted with the beauty of his body. I told her and said, in response, she just smiled. Every time I kakbud was drunk, remember that fucked on her parents' bed, and then I knew it, because I am without a condom! I came in shock- leaves us all the time without prezika fucked! But Lena uspokoila- me she is all the time taking pills, and I no longer worry about.
So there were many times we fucked softly, clothing, or poluodety- and this gave the feeling, but once Lena for a long time was not at home, and then I found out that she got engaged. Well, I was even more excited because recently began to be afraid, if Elena gets pregnant, and was appeased even new news. But at heart I am a bit disappointed, because now I have not had a mistress.
Head birthday
This series is dedicated to the sexual life raskazov Albina Romanova. Now she is an adult, a married woman, by the way, very beautiful and sexy. Even wearing a business suit, she looks so tempting that unknown men do it "obscene" proposals directly at work or in a restaurant. Do not think that Albinkiny boyfriend - is of indeterminate age with the frankly criminal lumpen appearance. All of them are successful businessmen, politicians or doctors. Albinka - a good friend of my mother.
Even as a child, when she came to visit us, I admired her beauty and charm to: high beauty with big breasts, small waist, elastic ass ... and those black curls that fell in waves over her shoulders mmm. I am, of course, my mother is not with Albina Dedicated to in his conversations. I often get a huge piece of cake, another doll, a kiss on the cheek of the delicious smelling Ali, and went to his room. Several times I have listened to their conversations:
- So you met yesterday with the head physician ?, - asked Mom
- Oh, Vikus, you would not believe. He's a member of the sm15, not more, but it works! I still have periods, the whole apartment was in krovivsche. I did not know that his pupsika (Alkino husband) said.
- No, and here I do not like small, well, no use of this penis not. As a dog panting over you, balloon - and two girlfriends were filled with laughter, we took one more menthol sigretke and continued their conversations.
And this cherished natal day - my birthday. 16 ... the long-awaited and romantic to go. My mother and I have agreed to 2pm invite Albinku sit three, drink champagne and a 6 hour evening I had ordered in a restaurant booth, where I invited my best friends-same age. I drank only half a glass, my mother absolutely refused, but Albinka drank almost a whole bottle herself, and then opened another cognac. It is clear that the soul of our "company" Alya was - telling jokes, different tragicomic stories of life, even tried to intone the song.
In half of the fourth mother called from work and poporosili come. So it was very chatso - my mother worked as deputy chief editor of a magazine glmurnyh so Dmitreevna Oksana accustomed to call his assistant at any time.
We stayed alone with Albina, I have decided to ask her:
- Aunts Al, and tell us how you celebrated her sixteenth birthday. Perhaps on some romantic date. He gave you a white rose ...
- Ahaha. Razsmeshila baby. In its 16 - I was ugly, too skinny girl with a bunch of complexes. Worried not only because of its appearance, but also due to the fact that she was the adopted daughter.
At first the family was good, but then a couple of strong start to fill in the collar. Every day I wake up thinking about me again taken away to boarding school.
Then Alya told a story that put me into shock.
At 16, Ala was no longer a virgin, but did not sleep with men ... On his birthday, which seemed to have completely forgotten everything, she found the parents cassette pornographic film. Perevozbudilsya, Ala start to pull off the bra, and knead until their pain rather large breasts, then the handle penetrated the panties and stroked klitorchik. Masturbation Albina takes another 12 years, so know every cell of your body and its recording. Each time she became very wet, dripping grease on bedding and clothing, good viscous white and transparent liquid dries quickly.
Word pereozbudivshis, Ala took a banana and began to reap its CIMS. It did not really hurt, Alya and Joel to think about the pain, she just wanted to feel myself in something hard, jump on it, as well as these whores on the screen. Banana does not penetrate inside, the girl hit even harder - sounded something like a soft cotton and banana slowly began to sink into the hole of Ali. Room fragrance vydileniyami women, and it aroused even more. Head crazy, spinning, his face was red, it seemed a little bit more and it will snap.
But frozen banana "half-way" and the girl could not push it deeper, though! oh !, as she wanted.
Alya start to drive a fruit-confidence, felt a pleasant friction, something hot dripping legs girls - whether grease, or blood, but she persevered a fuck and that she madly in love, she was not sleeping, but only enjoyed each thrust a plump blonde sighs on the screen. Postepennno banana penetrated deeper, and when Ala was almost prededele, she took the yellow fruit from the vagina, are risen and started it. Blood mixed with vydileniyam, banana was all wet and juicy. Alia looked at the screen, where the same blonde deeply sucking huge dick. The girl took Fruko mouth, smacking his lips and began to lick it at first hand just insert or pops out, and then, as it were itself "sadila" on it, the raising, then lowering his head.
I have banana chest, dotrnula to osromu papilla and loud-screamed. The desire never left the small onanistku.
She began again to insert a banana in pussy, this time for some reason, it was painful, but when she began to quickly drive tropical fruit inside, the pain disappeared somewhere. Alya has not remained silent, and the beginning of a very loud moan defiantly. Her voice sounded together with sighs of whores on a blue screen. Alya presented himself as a man brutally fucks her, when it called him a creature and a whore. Alya says"Please provide, stop, slow" But he pecked her even faster "So, my little whore, shout, you still no one hears". Suddenly, Alia felt sharply blood rushed to his head, she pressed her hips and writhing, moaning Thunder "Yeah, Horsch, fuck me one more time". girl's body went limp, she pulled a banana and put it on the floor and began stroking her body. Without opening his eyes, Ala bit sheepish smile, but she got a real pleasure today in their 16, and let their hands, and what to do? Alya otkryvla eyes, realizing that it is time "Cleanup prestupleie".
And suddenly ... her heart sank deep into the heel, she flew there a few seconds, Alia woke up devastated - at the entrance of the room stood Aline senior foster brother Vitali, whom she has long been considered a native, his girlfriend Rita and their friend Yuri with a huge cake and a bouquet of red roses. The faces of the young people stood horrified at the same time, surprise, desire, fear and lust. Jura first decided to break the silence and said .... And yet svsem floor has a different story, that you will definitely be able to read, if you wish, of course Until next time !!
I knew something about what will happen, but the faces of the young couple was read the whole range of emotions without difficulty - confusion, agitation, fear of the unknown light adult males who just need to be called "master". However, I usually make an impression reliable person you can trust, so that after the first unimportant phrases in the hallway a few tension eased.
Here is Alex, about the way I imagined it. He considers himself a smart (as studied in a good university) and sexual development (as he likes to get laid). His wife obviously love, but in a letter calls it "a bit inhibited" and "sensual enough." A familiar song - how many women broke sex like "diagnosis". At the same time Alex wants to try "to play her master, because it give birth to such fantasies." To play, you say ... Well, let's see what you can do. But Nastya. To my taste it is quite attractive, although her appearance has something rustic, unsophisticated. A nice round face, simply great shape - everything in it, and tits and ass. It looks very appetizing and frankly I undress her with his eyes.
To hide the awkwardness, the couple offered to begin with a cup of tea. Why not, let's go. We are still patting cute, small talk to nothing obliges. Nastia pours us tea, served at the table, some sweets. Finally, she was going to sit down. - Wait a minute - I stop her with a smile. - You're not supposed to sit next to the master, you have to kneel beside him. I say this quietly, as if taken for granted. And continue the interrupted conversation with Alexei. Second shock. What was it - a joke? Soon, however, heavily reddened Nastya already kneeling. Alexei's voice was trembling noticeably, but I pretend not to notice it. Leisurely drink tea, please Nastya transfer plate of biscuits - just quietly enjoy the situation.
Putting aside the cup, I turn to the girl and take her hand on his chin. Nastya shudders and lowers his hands. - You have a beautiful wife - I say numb Alex. - I like her body. Surely, no fuss, run his hand into the cutout dresses Nastya and grit my girl's chest. Nastya groans and instinctively flinches. - When you regard Sir, you have to take his hands behind his back - didactically I say. - Yes, that's better. I leisurely Spreading floors dresses, descends from the shoulder straps of the bra submissive woman and weigh on the palm of her seductive tits. Then I lean back in his chair. - Put your pants down to his knees. Nastya did not reflect, executes the commands as if hypnotized. - Hands behind head. Nastya flushed charming looks in the pose of a slave. I turned to Alexis. - Well, a bitch, huh? I laugh at their confusion and Alex meets me a tight smile. Where is the line between game and reality? This is a game or have intolerable insult? They do not know, and therefore do not understand how to behave.
I continue to drink tea, while admiring the humiliated woman. - Now, get up and undress naked - I order Nastya. And the girl was completely naked. - Arms! - I am applying for the first time an order just raised his voice and Nastya reacts to this as a slap in the face, immediately removing his hands behind his head. Another pause. Finally I put the mug on the table and begin stroking the young woman's body, trying to touch its elasticity and seductive curves, like a safecracker listening fingertips to his reactions. Lightly slap on the inner thigh, and she obediently spreads her legs, allowing a man to the very innermost. I have a couple of minutes wander somewhere nearby, and then penetrate her fingers in her slit - decisively and unceremoniously. Nastia only muffled groans, but does not even try to argue. And why would she mind - bitch is already completely wet. It has long been waiting for this gentleman.
For two fingers come in her pussy, then move to the clitoris, then pressed her lips - hand dances in the crotch submissive woman, shining from the juices of her desire. Anastasia closed her eyes so as not to see me, did not see her husband, not to see his own humiliation. She hardly constrains lustful moans and moves her hips involuntarily toward tormenting her hand. For Alexis, who never in his life could not bring his own wife to such excitement, the action unfolds - a mixture of lust, jealousy and resentment. And the woman he called "sensual enough"?
However, his jealousy of me now is not interested. I am interested in only this sensual female who writhes on my arm. I concentrate on its rhythm, I catch a small movement of her muscles, I feel for the characteristic tremor approaching the inevitable finale. Freezes for a moment, stop teasing ready for all women, and waiting for her vulgar appealing hips movements, I gave her hand to meet and accelerate touching the clitoris overexcited. The last ten seconds - and she goes on with difficulty restrained yelp. Nakata wave of orgasm Nastia twists into some impossible spiral, and in this position looks particularly touching her obedience - she was still holding his hands behind his head.
Woman resides somewhere in another world and did not seem to perceive the environment. But her husband was shocked by no less. However, I do not give them time to recover. The evening has just begun. - Marsh, both in the room. I go first, me humbly enter dumb wife. - Take off your clothes and sit down in a chair - a tone that brooked no objection command Alexey. No bickering, the same stunned look and thin limbs trembling. Alexei completely lost and sorry covers their nakedness hands and fallen from the experiences of member. - Hands behind your back to keep going. I pull out of next coat hanging belt and bind his hands behind Alex.
- Come here, bitch - I command Nastya. She comes and she dutifully removes his hands behind his back. Well done, good slut. Nastya did not look up, she was confused and submissive, but looks more excited than constrained - a full-fledged woman enjoying her dedication. I take her by the neck and force kneels. - Suck it, whore. Nastya raises tongue fallen husband tool and carefully but clumsily tries to lick. Member Alexei, however, once it becomes a stake - he devours his eyes standing in front of him on his knees wife sucking cap member for a foreign male eyes. When used Nastia caressed his tongue, Alex is always greater than the embarrassed his wife and tried to imagine his desire to enter her mouth like some kind of joke.
I slowly undress. Look both spouses involuntarily attracted to my erect penis. - Crawl here, bitch. Nastya crawling on his knees, in her behavior betrays a complete obedience to the will of the lord. Her mouth obligingly opened, it is ready for use. For the first time enter into the mouth submissive women are particularly pleased that point, I like to stretch. I'm a member of the lips with a girl, I beat them down her face. Finally Spreading head wet lips and plunge into the warm flesh, penetrating member to the throat. - So damn, so you need to take in your mouth! From the first time deep blowjob no one turns, Nastya chokes and coughs, her eyes streaming tears. But obedience to her is beyond praise - no complaints, no attempt to resist. As a reward, I give her a break and lick ordering eggs, at the same time a member of smearing the face Gagged girls drool and tears. Her husband is bound humbly oversees the process, opening his eyes and squeezing the hip with excitement.
Okay, that's enough, it's time to take this young slut properly. - There was a cancer on the sofa, quickly! This delicious body is wholly owned by me, diligently sensual girl arches her back, humbly substituting master their whorish holes. And I go into her womb as the owner, I know that her female essence already craves sweets slave raped knots. Nastya sensuous moans and wriggles when Mr. cuts dick in her horny pussy sucking, whore holding by the hair and giving in hand ... for a juicy round ass. - Do you understand who you are, bitch? A ringing slap on the ass. - Yes, sir ... and-ah ... I ... I ... a lustful animal-ah ... I'm your slave, master ... ah-ah-ah ...
- You're a whore! A desperate cry of the forgotten husband makes Nastia flinch. Alex hysterical - he sobbed on offense, going crazy with excitement and humiliation. His cock was still tense, but the sexual energy is faced with shock, which is not able to absorb his mind. A digest the feelings he can not, on the background of Nastya's sexuality, it just a helpless baby.
I take out a member of the obedient slave blessed me and get up, staring ominously at Alexei. From my view it is noticeably pale and childish pressed into the chair. I take out of discarded trousers belt and come to this lost essentially masculine. I will help him find a place in this world, but he does not understand where in fact his place. I take him by the hair and only a paralyzing fear of the will read in his eyes. It looks like a juvenile girl caught a merciless tyrant. I pull off with his chair, put on his knees and bends his head to the floor. - How dare you insult my slave, bastard! My belt blow on the ass is very sensitive, I have a heavy hand. I poryu him as a boy, and the helpless Alex only winds and asks for forgiveness. - On your knees, bitch! I drag the hair downtrodden guy to the couch on which sits flushed Nastya. - Ask her forgiveness, animal! - And the sound of a resounding slap merges with hasty tearful lamentations. - Forgive me Nastya, please ... I'm sorry ... I'm sorry ...
I was not wrong in the present. This woman is endowed with a rare inner strength. She can not talk, but she is able to feel, and more - can act. Nastya's hand gently but indisputably rests on the nape of her husband and directs his face to his crotch. Alex nestles close to her wet pussy as a source of life saving and begins to lick his wife enthusiastically loyal dog. This sight imbued with such a degree of tension and sensuality, that's more like a mystery than copulation mere mortals. Orgasm Nasty so strong that it looks like a man choking spasms, screaming, and with animal passion tearing cloth covered his hands.
Alex shocked no less of his wife, he I think in general has lost all sense of reality. Until today, he had never seen her orgasm Nasty, and today he was able to do this myself! Yourself! He beats his wife in sweet fit in front of his eyes! Eggs Alexei ready to explode with such a sight, and he tries to rub the leg member of his wife. No, it will not work, you have forgotten who is in charge. I dragged opoloumevshego lust Alexei aside and take off on a large floor cushion. - Fuck it, bitch - I order I humiliated her husband, and he again put Nastia cancer and continue the interrupted game.
The scene they will not forget. Lost a human face husband with his hands tied behind his back violently rapes cushion, slurred moaning with lust, and before his eyes bloodshot swaying breasts of his wife, which imperiously fuck completely conquered her master. When Alex goes to squeal and starts down on the pillow, I command Nastya kneel down and looking into the trusting eyes of slaves for a long time, with stoned to descend into her mouth with hot sperm from stress. - Come, share with him - I order a girl. Nastya crawls to her husband howling on the floor with pleasure and humiliation, and merges with it in a kiss. Alex desperately clings to his wife, trying to find her footing and return to the real world of the abyss into which he fell. As soon interrupted by a kiss as Alexei tearing sobs. - Nastyayaya ... I love you ... do not go, please do not leave me ... I know you despise me now ...
Nastya covers his mouth with his hand. Then gently stroked on the head as a child. And a minute later, he is saying something coherent. - What are you, Alex, you're my husband ... I love you. I will always be with you. Just ... just that we have found the Lord. Pretty naked girl with semen on her face lifted to his knees, forcing her husband to get up and easily pushed it into my side. Pause, which solved a lot. Anastasia looks at him carefully, but searchingly. And Alex for the first night is worthy of such a woman. Traffic on the knees. Incline. Kiss on the legs. - Thank you ... Thank you, sir ... He said it sincerely, without hypocrisy. Now they really have stepped into a new world. A world in which there is everything except boredom.
You want to know what will happen next?
Or you want to find itself lord?
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It was the second day of our trek. Yesterday was extremely difficult with the habit, but today it was easier, but we walked from the morning and were very tired. It was getting dark and it was time to stop for the night. Quite quickly set up a tent, my son and I built a fire, and his wife and his daughter warmed up canned food, so that somewhere in the beginning of the tenth, a hearty dinner, we finally relaxed around the campfire. After nearly dvadtsatikilometrovaya march all felt like in paradise.
Children for two years as a study in the closed private school in the UK for the first time and came home for summer vacation. Last summer, they rested in a scout camp in Birmingham, simultaneously improving the language, so we have not seen them. My wife and I occupy fairly high positions in a joint venture for the production ... However, it does not matter, the main thing that we do not have grandparents, and no one to look after children, and the work involves frequent travels. We have each other and something rarely seen, so had the opportunity to give children a good education abroad, simultaneously untied our hands, allowing no interference engage in a career. However, we were always in touch with them by phone and internet. Over the years, the children have grown strongly, already the mother of a son caught up, and his daughter was even a little higher. Involuntarily, I noted that it has become a very attractive girl.
We organized a five-day trip to the Valdai Hills to smoothly communicate with nature and with each other. Over the past two days, the first awkward after a long separation smoothed and somehow loosen up, become less shy of each other, and the children began to tell more about his life in Britain and share secrets. Here and now we are enjoying a leisurely conversation, mainly about what was happening at their school. It was at this moment and it began to rain. However, the word is not enough rain to describe the flow of water that once flowed on us from the sky. we have haste to hide scattered throughout the clearing things in the tent, and when they finally do get into it, it is already soaked to the bone. Frozen, we huddled together like a wet kittens.
- It is necessary to take off her clothes faster - Kate anxiously looked at the children - or we do catch a cold.
- I fully agree with you - I have also looked at children who are unable to answer, merely chattering teeth - Let's now prepare to build something like the screen.
My wife and I pulled the blanket, tent divided in half, and pins attached it to the wall. Denis, our oldest, who only recently knocked fifteen, grabbed backpacks mother and sister, and put them behind the veil, and took her backpack on our half. Daughter, Angela, all the while standing at the entrance, hugging himself, and gently shaking. Drops of water with her clothes falling to the canvas floor, gathering in a puddle. I could not help but notice through the wet cloth shirts outlines its already quite took shape breasts, as she was not wearing a bra in accordance with the present youth fashion. It was only a year younger than Dennis, but seemed much older and looked stunning: long blonde hair, a pleasant roundness of the figure, which appeared relatively recently, but such attractive for male eyes.
As soon as the screen was finished, our women went to him and began to undress. I've pulled together a t-shirt when from behind the screen came Katin's voice:
- Boys, you will not mind if we pick you lamp? It's too dark.
Throwing back the edge of blankets, I have given them our battery lamp, which his wife put at the wall of the tent. Shadows appeared on the bedspread, with scrupulous accuracy outlined silhouettes of topless women. At first I did not even notice it, continuing to undress. But then Denis, pulling jeans, turned to face veil, and I saw his eyes widened. Then I saw the shadow of his wife and daughter on the fabric curtain. They were completely naked, sharp nipples Angela did not give in to doubt, and now digging in their backpacks. The sight was so exciting, I immediately felt the blood flow to his penis. So that's what caught the attention of Denis! Somehow I suddenly realized that his son - have already drawn up a man, and not the boy, whom we saw off to a foreign land, and the daughter - a grown woman, capable to become a mother herself.
I tried to throw these thoughts out of my head, and quickly pulling the wet underwear, replaced it with a dry pair. Wearing a T-shirt on top of a clean and dry shorts, I finally felt gradually warmth returns.
- Expensive? You are not picked up with a something for sugreva? - Usually we always take a hike bottle of liquor or anything else.
- You read my mind, - enthusiastically responded to his wife, - she - in the outer pocket of your backpack.
A little digging, I finally learned to light liter bottle of brandy.
- Yes, this is exactly what is needed after such rain - I easily opened the cover and breathed a pleasant fragrance. - I think all of us is a little bit warm.
- We are? You mean, and children, too? ..
In fact, my wife - an opponent of alcohol to children, and forbid them to drink even Champagne. Denis, has already managed to pull a dry shirt, he looked at me pleadingly.
- I do not know, probably, now they will not hurt.
- Of course, my mother - quickly added Angela - We Denis froze no less than you.
- Well, apparently now it is really necessary. But only slightly. I do not want my children to become alcoholics, even for the sake of their health.
- Do not worry, Mom, - in the voice of Angela added enthusiasm - we are adults.
I turned to a tight partition with a bottle in his hand and saw again the silhouette of a naked daughter. Stretching his arms up, it is time to put on his shirt. Looking at Dennis, I noticed that he enthusiastically looks at the play of shadows, but the ... more watching his mother. Kate was looking for something in a backpack, and her full breasts gently swayed in time with the movements of hands ... Yes, a mature female beauty sure to be attractive to youngsters.
I again began to rise, and I quickly sat down, trying to hide the bulge on the shorts. This movement distracted her son, and he looked at me. I laughed nervously ...
- Yeah - Vidocq - I whispered. - For, behold, glotni ...
I handed him the bottle. Dennis caught her and taking the first sip, he immediately began to cough.
- Oh, and strong same thing.
- But you warm up to the very heels.
- That's right - the boy smiled - although the taste could be better.
- You do not understand anything in the drinks - I smiled, taking the bottle from him, too, I took a sip. Liquid flame washed over her throat and rushed down the esophagus, pleasantly warming the body.
Angela got out from behind the curtain and sat down next to us in the sleeping bag. She was so like her mother during her our love! Of course, the facial features are somewhat different, as the hair, but the figure - one to one. Chest, however, a little less, and yet ... maybe I just forgot. I handed her the bottle and let a little attached. Soon Kate and finished with a quick change, and turning is no longer to be covered, joined us ...
Few otogrevshis, we resumed the conversation, occasionally sipping from the bottle. We talked mostly children, and my wife and I listened, sometimes poddakivaya ...
When the bottle was empty - in fifteen minutes - I suddenly felt the alcohol hit in the head. Looking at Kate, I noticed that too, and it razvezlo: Well, not that she was intoxicated, but his eyes shone clearly on alcohol. However, our children seem to be surprisingly sober, though their immature organisms brandy would have to act much more strongly. However, they drank less than we ...
Just at this point, Angela, incessantly buzzing ... about school, friends, and the latest fashion trends, suddenly changed the subject abruptly:
- Mom, you know, I think that I - a terrible ugly and did not attract the boys.
- What are you, my dear ... - my wife's tongue a little slurred, - Where did you get it? Yes, you - simply beautiful! They probably just shy. You have a beautiful face and amazing figure. However, Serge?
Kate looked at me, waiting for support.
- Of course! - I answered too quickly - You're getting very sexy girl that will drive crazy any man!
- Oh, Dad, you're drunk!
- It is possible! - Under the general laughter, I lay on my back, removing his hands behind his head, - And yet, I think you're - that still thing!
At some point in the tent was silence, Angela blushed. I could not help but notice how changed her breath, forcing tremble chest under the thin cloth. But, really, my fourteen year old daughter - really hot stuff!
- What about me? - Denis broke the awkward silence - I can please a woman?
- Of course, baby, - said my wife - I was surprised to see how attractive the man you've become.
- Yeah, man, my friends are already being boasted of his conquests, and the girls did not even look at me.
- Well, well, your friends longer boast. Just the girls need the right approach. I think it will take a little time and you will become a famous conqueror of girls' hearts, and while I caress you, go syuda.- Kate hugged her son pridvinuvshegosya, one arm and patting the other on the head.
I could not help but notice that he put his face right on her nightgown veiled breasts. If I was not so drunk, I could have sworn that when he picked up the nipple with his lips ...
- Are you serious, Dad? - Continued at this time Angela looked at me and gently biting her lower lip.
- Ofcourse honey! You - a very attractive ... and, certainly, a very sensual (my speech was a little slurred). Boys still just have not learned how to behave with you.
She began to move slowly toward me.
- But why, then, I do not feel? I mean, if I'm really not ugly, why do not they want to be friends with me?
- Maybe they too turned on by your presence, and they are shy of this. - "About how I am now," - I said to myself, looking at the approaching child. If the gate of her shirt was a little more spacious, I could already see her nipples.
- Series? And why?! - Angela was already almost there.
- Because you - very beautiful and sexy, and causes a very definite reaction in men. Your peers are too young - I was staring at the neckline of her shirt - and being close, they feel ready to have sex, and this is what scares them.
- So you think that I'm as sexy as a grown woman? - Angela was already right at me, and looked down at me.
- Yes darling. You're beautiful and sexy, like a real woman ...
She lay down on me, impulsively grabbed my neck and pressed her face to his chest. I'm also a bit put his arm around her back.
- Thank you, Dad! - In her voice was genuine relief. Surely all this has long tormented her, but if it had not been drunk, she would have never opened. Suddenly, to my shame, I felt that everything that I can think of at this point, so it's about her breasts pressed against me, and the smell of her silky hair tickling my face ...
The daughter pressed her, his face buried in my chest. Automatically I put on it, and a second arm, lightly stroking. I felt her body with his, her hard nipples were felt even through the layers of tissue that divide us. My hands slid down her back, sometimes coming from the waist down and getting on a strong ass. Suddenly, she threw one leg over me, and by continuing to embrace, lay down so that my zakamenevshy member pressed against her crotch, and she could not help but feel it. And Angela, as if on purpose, more densely populated it. Unbelievable! My own daughter pressed her pussy to my penis. Oh my God! Is that really true?! Or is it just a drunken imagination?
I even stroked her back, then grabbed hold of the hips and tried to push, breaking the embrace. But it was not there! She spread her knees a stronger, stronger clinging to my body.
- Oh, Dad ... - she whispered, gently touching my neck and lips, continuing to cuddle me, slightly pushes the hips ...
My fingers slid helplessly on her ass and gently squeezed it. Supple flesh was hot and very appetizing. My hands massaged her ass harder and harder, trying to get in rhythm with which Angela moved her hips.
At this point, I realized that everything is happening in front of his wife and son ...
"Kate! Denis! Oh, Lord, "- flashed the thought -" What the hell am I doing ?! It seems that really too much to drink. " I turned my head to where his wife sat with her son.
What I saw stunned me, Dennis, took out the left breast of the mother through a cutout nightgown and sucked her enthusiasm. At the same time, he squeezed her right breast right through the thin cloth! His wife was sitting, leaning back in a backpack and her eyes closed, her one hand was still stroking his son's head, and the other ... The other she caressed herself in the crotch! .. My God, what's going on!? ..
Denis at the moment, holding his chest, licking, sucking, mother's nipple (very experimental, subconsciously, I said), and then held out his free hand down, climbing under the skirt ... Very soon, Kate moaned loudly, throwing his head back and legs spread. ..
Still clearly affected alcohol ... and the fact that children have changed a lot over the years and has not looked like the confused baby, which we sent to the board. They looked older and partly strangers. Until now we could not imagine that they have grown up, and they can have a private personal life.
Katina nightie rode up and I saw the hand of Denis mother caresses pussy, still hidden under thin panties.
At this point, I once again felt the movement of the crotch of my daughter on his penis ... Grabbing buttocks, I tried to hold her close as much as possible, while observing as Dennis moves toward the panty fabric, opening vagina ... poslyunyavil two fingers he slowly began to enter it into the vagina, continuing to breastfeed ...
- Oh, my God, Dad .. - Angela gasped. Movements of her hips grew sharper. I loved the feeling that arises from the friction of our crotch, but I wanted something more ... She finally tore her face from my neck, and I immediately reached out to her for a kiss. My daughter opened her mouth, and when our lips met, I just stared with a kiss on her puffy lips. I could feel the heat emanating from her pussy ... Slipping one hand between us, I hand found her teenage breasts and squeezed. It was quite strong, but at the same time attractive soft. Fingers groped hard pebble of her nipple and squeezed. Angela shuddered and groaned, but never broke the kiss, letting our tongues entwine ... I squeezed her breasts through the fabric of shirts experiencing from it even more fun than on the motion by a member of the pussy. It was really hot ...
I realized it, I pushed her away, breaking the kiss. Angela sat down, resting his hands on my chest. Her eyes drifted ... No longer have to think anything, I lifted her shirt, exposing his chest. Well-defined, though not too much else, she beckoned me ... I took up these hills with both hands and began to massage them, feeling the heat of her body with his cock. What to hide, I wanted to fuck her. I wanted as yet no woman in the world ... When I still was able to stop and take his hands, daughter leaned forward herself, so that her sisechki hung right over my lips. Unable to stand, I got up ... and sucked one nipple into his mouth. Caress his tongue and lips, I took the next one. Angela closed her eyes and gently moaning ...
New sound distracted me from this pleasant experience, and I turned to where the wife and son. They have completely stripped, while Dennis was on his knees, and his wife, standing on all fours, sucking his cock, slurping and moaning. Her bare breasts swayed in this, and the son jumped at them, began to knead and twisting ...
I turned back to her daughter. Angela, already thrown off a T-shirt, frantically fumbled with the zipper on my shorts. Finally, deal with it, she pulled them to me along with smelting, and for a while considered standing member. Then, without hesitation, she stood up and took off her panties, left naked bottom ... I opened a magnificent view of her most intimate places. Sponges her cunt covered with a light fuzz, swollen and parted, glistening juice and uttering a tantalizing aroma.
Daughter, with his hands on my chest, slowly sank down pristraivayas her pussy to my penis. I enjoyed watching her, clasping his hand member, she sent him to the entrance of the vagina ...
The first contact was like an electric shock, I try to discharge all my body. Do not hold back, I groaned loudly ... Very slowly, she fell on my dick head ... with difficulty overcoming the mouth of the entrance, suddenly boils down to something ... and I held her, I began to slowly move back and forth, giving the girl to get used to new sensations. But she frantically whispering - "I want ... I want ..." - sharply pressed, and the head slipped inside, pushing the vaginal wall, which nasazhivayas, impacted my intense gun ...
She did not even cry out, saying to me after that, and the pain did not, it was just a feeling, as if something had opened a crack in it and breathed increasing pleasure ... Inside her narrow vagina was so hot, if there is a fire blazed, igniting me . Make every effort, I still was able to hold back, not to terminate immediately without any movement ... Once a member came to the end, Angela caught her breath a little, rocking it, and then, having got used to his size, slowly began to move hips up and down, allowing me to play with her breasts ...
Oh shit! I was fucking his own daughter, causing her to moan with pleasure ... However, loud moans Angela became increasingly interrupted by sobs and cries of my wife:
- Denis .. More ... Come on, baby ... deeper .. So ... so ... more ... more ... !! .. Ohh .. Aaaaaa!
Kate was still standing on all fours, but with his back to her son, and Denis enthusiastically fucked her from behind, his hands clutching the hips. His cock was moving like a jackhammer: occasionally appearing on the light, he again and again pierced the womb. Her pendulous breasts swinging like a pendulum in a clock, and the whole scene resembled a pornographic film ...
- Jesus, dad ... - Angela gasped. - What is this?!..
- About what do not think, my dear, - said quickly and become even stronger knead her breasts. - Just relax…
- This is ... wrong! .. - Angela's voice rises were felt tears, however, she never ceased to move, - But ... I want you ...
- Oh my god !! .. - Kate already screaming. - Come on, son ... cum in me .. Dennis .. I want to feel your cum ...!
- Yes, Mother! .. - Dennis also shouting. His body was shaken by convulsions. - I'm coming ... Here .. !! .. Here Vooot !!! ..!
He almost went to his mother, clutching her breasts, hips vdalblivayas in her ass ...
- Oh, yes .. yes ... So !! .. I feel ... I feel ... it fills me ..!!!
I looked into the eyes of his daughter ...
- You know ... - I said - what we do ... it ... so nature intended ... I do not think about anything, as long as you feel good ...
Angela changed her mind and became crying movements, which gradually grew pace ...
- I want you too ... so ... finished with me ... Dad ... - muttered feverishly daughter - I want to feel it ... ... inside yourself ... ... my mother ...
I grabbed her hips and began to set the pace of the movement. Some jerks were sufficient for my cock pulsed and began to wring thrusts the sperm in the body of his daughter ...
- Oh, baby ... .. Dad cums cums ...
- Yaaaa aaahh ... ... also chuvstvuyuuuu ... Oh shit .. It's so ... goryachoooo aahHH !! ..!
The last words were interrupted cry when her body began to beat in orgasm ...
- AAAAAAaaahhh OOOoooohhh .. .. -! My daughter cried, tugging on my cock. - Oh my God, Dad ... It's so zdorovooo uuuHHH ... ..!
Suddenly exhausted, Angela fell on my chest and grabbed my face in his hands, clung to his lips ... My cock was still inside her litter quickly. Our tongues intertwined again, and my hands fell on her ass.
Out of the corner of my eye I looked at his wife, still standing on all fours, and suck dick son. Denis at this time watched with interest for me and my little sister.
A little breath, I shoved his hand between the buttocks and daughter, feeling his already limp dick, put his forefinger parallel to the vagina, which implies overflowing his sperm. There have been so closely that the finger had difficulty finding the way, however, with our daughter discharge is more than enough to allow him to go halfway and get a member to show signs of life. Angela at this time lay her cheek on my chest, still panting, and looked in the direction of his brother, a member of which hung limply over the supine tired mother ... Suddenly, the daughter reached out and grabbed him, causing him to swell once again began to rise and jerks.
- I wonder if he always like this? - She asked whether I, or my brother. Dennis did not answer, and I said:
- Yes, dear, such is the nature - my cock at that time also grew rapidly inside her, so I had to remove my finger, and while Angela moaned softly:
- God, how is nice .. - she wagged her hips, settling comfortably on reviving tool, and ran her hand along the brother of a member.
- Not so - his voice Katya - see how to ...
She gently put her hand over his son's dick and started reciprocating motion, causing a skin move, opening, then closing again head. Denis also reached out and touched his chest sister, squeezed it, as if squeezed out of hand, while the fingers are not left only the nipple, which he shook from side to side. It immediately responded trembling inside her vagina, which is passed on my penis, immediately began fighting stance. Angela breathed again quickened and closed her eyes ...
Member Dennis was already showing its considerable size, perhaps only slightly smaller than me. It is necessary, and in fact, it seems even more recently was a cute little fellow!
Dennis went on to crush Angela's chest and pull at her nipple. At this point, I began to slowly move inside her ... It seems that all this gave her great pleasure, because she was breathing more and more often, and her mouth fell open like a flower bud in the dew. Her nipples tightened, and his body began to move, self-tuned to me. I took her by the hips and then rising, then dropping them, set the pace ... A near Katherine wanker member of the son ...
Then he moved to us, taking away his penis in the mother, and has attached it to his lips sister.
- Dad, I want her to be tried, it is possible? - Timidly he asked me.
- That's you ask her, - I said, focusing on the sensations ...
My cock tightly gripped the girl's vagina, seemed now burst from the overflowing of his blood. Inside, it was so hot and slippery, and every movement has brought many new experiences ... So I feel like touch something deep, and at that moment Angela gasps and spasms, swept along her vagina, gives new strength I yearned gun ... and now, when moving back, I feel like ... after a member of the moving walls of her body, as if not wanting to let him go, forcing sex lips increase in size ... and again - forward, and her lips are followed per member, drowning in touch ... again ... and cry ... and another ... and another ... But suddenly screams became muffled, I opened my eyes and saw that Angela's mouth is his brother cock! .. She was holding it with one hand while continuing to embrace the other my neck, and enthusiastically sucked and licked it, and my wife watched with interest for it, raising his head and leaning bent at the elbow hand on a sleeping bag.
Denis, grabbed her sister's head and, as it were, pulled her over, although control still remained for her ...
- And you pretty well! - Encouragingly said Katya - A little exercise, and this someone will get a wife, Yum! Those guys, now do not pay attention to you, all elbows bite yourself.
Angela in response to increasingly earned hips and mouth, so after a couple of minutes, Denis exploded ... Daughter, choking, spit brother and a member of coughing, spitting, and the sperm spattered her face and back ... But almost immediately inside it earned my fire hydrant, filling all the sperm flows, and she sobbed convulsively, and then cried, huddled in a convulsing orgasm for the second already today:
- Daaaaaaa ... escheeooo HochuuuuuhhhHH .. !!! .. Ohhh ...!. OooohhhHH !! .. Ooh! Aah ... ...
Gradually, it screams went into incoherent babbling:
- Dad ... dear ... how well ... something else I want to ... yeah ... that's soooo ... - her hips swayed and swirled and pussy like otdaivala my cock, drinking every last drop ...
When I finally came to his senses from the unprecedented sensations, he discovered that his daughter without power rests with me, his nose buried in the armpit, my fallen member - inside and wife holding member Denis in his hands, leaned back in a backpack and holding son head to his chest, looks at us.
- Yeah, everything was interesting, do not you think? And what's next with all this going to do? - She said to me.
- Nuu - I began cautiously, - First of all, no accident has happened, in the end, of pneumonia, we certainly saved the children. And then ... I know that there are families where everyone is considered to be in the order of things. And it will give the children confidence in their relations with their peers.
- Yeah, nerd, and safety ?! Today, I found it, Angela is possible, but you did not know it !?
- Yes, - I confessed - somehow all of a sudden turned out, I did not think.
- That's it, no thought! They especially did not think ... maybe they did not know.
- No, Mom, - Angela spoke up, we already talked about it in biology class.
- We, too, - replied Denis - I just do not know how it should be considered, so that she tell me something you could?
His wife, a little embarrassed, quickly found:
- I drink a special pill, so I - safely.
- And I can be such pills - alive Angela asked, sliding off my penis and also attach the head to the mother's breast. Involuntarily, I drew attention to her outstretched legs and the consequent pisechki thin trickle of semen.
- No, you is not necessary. However, there are other ways to protect ... And in general, it's time to you, since all that happened, to attach to the culture of sex. Although some benefits will be away from it all ...
My wife has always been pragmatic and could turn any situation to benefit.
- Come on now, huh ?! Well, let's - burned children.
- No, now we will sleep, and all things tomorrow - unyielding voice heralded the spouse, and we settled on a sleeping bag, put out the lights.
- Mom, we now always will be? - Drowsily she asked her daughter.
- Go to sleep too, we'll see - mother sighed and added, - If you will behave yourself ...
Daughter calmed sniffed. Then gradually we fell asleep, and others.
Over night rain has passed, and in the morning we met the sun. Near the creek could be heard ringing, so the question is where to wash and drink, was dropped by itself. After bringing myself up, the whole family had breakfast warmed to not easily kindled a fire canned.
- Mom, when will begin to learn the culture, - filed a younger voice.
My wife and I looked at each other. On the morning of the memories were not some very real, and we were thinking too pull all the brakes, and forget about the inadvertent adventure, but it was not so simple, that's Dennis joined:
- Yes, Mom, you promised, that will make us more confident, and that requires training.
- Something I do not remember that promised this, - grumbled his wife, but there was nothing, and she continued, - First of all, you must firmly promise that all this no one should know!
Children c readily nodded.
- That is, NO: no friends, no girlfriend, no grandparents ... If you know at least one soul, we will immediately stop all. In general, many consider such unacceptable ... but ... you know, you like and you want it?
- Yes Yes! - Enthusiastically cried the children, - We would like to, and do not say anything to anyone!
- Well, then, to begin with, as it should be protected.
My wife took things into their own hands, and I was glad of it, because, frankly, did not know how to behave on and at the same time I would like one more time to visit the beautiful cave of his daughter. At this time, his wife took the precaution stockpiled a pack of condoms and began to explain their purpose and method of use. It was obvious that the children already know it, but when the wife offered to go to practical training, they came to life.
- So, Angela, will you wear a condom on the pope, as is already familiar with his tricks - she laughed - I - Denis, for the same reason ...
Several embarrassed by the light of the day, we Dennis lowered shorts and trunks, and our women began to exercise. Kate showed all the rapidly embarking member Dennis and Angela repeated movements, with diligence, slightly sticking tongue wearing prezik my erect penis. Then Kate pointed at Dennis, how to meet a man his mouth, and Anzhelka immediately shoved into his mouth my nipple, the benefit of flavored condoms were tastefully some berries ...
Oh, how was it nice! It is not quite skillful action more than makes up enthusiasm neofitki and novelty of sensations, because my dick was not just anywhere, but in the mouth my own daughter! It was very different than yesterday, but no less sweet. "It would be then also repeated yesterday" - I thought.
Gradually Angela was excited and began to pull at her clitoris itself, and then asked, looking up from me:
- Mom, you can ... there ... ..?
- No, it is too early - interrupting sessions with his son, said Katya.
- But I want to! - I exclaimed daughter - because yesterday was so cool! Why not today?
- Mmm ... well, perhaps today you too can, but first we must go through an educational program, and then, for a snack ...
- What do you mean? - Denis interested, obviously takes pleasure exercise conducted.
- Well, we'll show you how to bring a woman satisfaction without penetration into her vagina. The truth is, my dear? - She said to me.
- Yes, - I started waking up from a dream.
- Come on, then, begin with Angela, and you, Denis, watch and train with me.
I readily Anzhelka laid before him on the back and legs apart, bent at the knees, placed between them, resting his elbows on the sleeping bag, and then began to caress strong breasts, squeezing their hands and pulling her nipples. Angela closed her eyes and relaxed, quickened breathing. I at that time pressed his lips to her neck, where there is often trembled vein, giving excitement ... and then went down to the nipples, which gladly sucked and licked, while continuing to compress the breasts with his hands. Then - less to pupochke ... and that's - my head - between her legs, and before his eyes - slightly pubescent pussy with swollen lips sex, of which looks bright pink corolla small pudendal lips ... I clung to this wealth of his tongue between the lips, revealing them, until he came to a small pea clitoris, barely making it into the top of the junction. Angela at this point pierced sweet shiver and she moaned drawl ...
I earned a tongue carrying them between sponge and periodically inserted into the vagina, where the thoroughly massaged sensitive stenochki, and then again returned to the clitoris, sucking and tugging at it ... Angela quietly squealed and then with the power clenched my head hips, then spreading them, fed I meet my tongue, trying to make sure that he penetrated as far as possible ...
Left began to be heard the familiar moaning wife. Briefly distracted, I discovered that our senior diligently repeating a lesson under the guidance of his mother, burying his face in her crotch, and, behold, it is already close to orgasm. I quickly turned to his daughter ...
Her face was flushed, her hands rhythmically clutched his chest and frantically licking tongue intermittent lip. His mouth burst her hot breath mingled with groans of pleasure. I consumed the clitoris with your finger and gently pressed on him ... It had the effect of a bomb: Angela arched and cried loudly:
- Ahhh !!! .. Yeah .... escheeooo ... - I grabbed her by the hips, sucked the clitoris and shook his head.
- Ooohhh !!! - She screamed? He huddled beneath me, frantically clutching hands in my head ... and went limp.
I sat down, leaning back on his heels and looked to his left. And then Denis, unable to withstand stress, put your wearing a condom dick in Kate, and grabbed her by the shoulders, struggling working basin ... Moaning wife became more and more loudly, shook her head from side to side, while as arms frantically squeezed his chest, as well as before Anzhelka ...
- Yet! More ... more ... that's it .. yes ... yes ... yes, yes, daaaaa !!! .. - she just arched, spread on a member of her son, then threw him on the feet and hips, and still caved in and biting her lip, with the power to drive the heels became a member of its ...
And the climax:
- Aaaaaaaa .. !! - screamed drawl wife and froze, clutching his hands to his shoulders Denis and convulsive movements he poured into it, or rather, in the condom is put on ...
- Maaama !!! .. All .. - Finally, he gasped and collapsed on her exhausted.
Kate put her hand on his head and smoothed her hair disheveled.
- Good for you, this guy grow up! - She praised him, barely a breath, - Only here Target ... - she smiled. - However, all is still to come, learn what your age. - She kept stroking his hair with one hand and holding out the other to Angela and gently wiping the sweat on his forehead.
- Well, you-how? Live?
Anzhelka gratefully stroked her hand and said:
- You have the most zdorovskie parents. I do not even know how it's nice ... The girls were told different things, but most did not.
- The girls? - I was surprised - You're only in eighth grade! Where did they know?
- What are you, Dad, - she smiled - we have almost all been tried and not once. You think, why I wanted to ... well ...
- Try? - She helped her mother.
- Well, yes, we have it, though on another is called - "fuck" - but I was afraid of the pain, well, do not know how and with whom to do it.
- Fu - insulted Katerina - word what find like rabbits. And did not like them, because your peers are still full of sad sack, they would just ... that's it, "fuck", but as a pleasure to bring her friends, the mind is not enough.
- And I, Mom, how do? - Denis offended boomed.
- Nuu, you - is another matter. You have - Al! - Kate laughed, slapping him on the behind and slipped off her.
- All that's enough for now. All wash, clean up and go on. Before the next overnight stay still walk and walk.
- Uh ... and me? - I cried in fright. Member continued to stick out like a horn of a boar.
- Poor! - I regretted my wife - now, we can help with Angela, though my daughter?
- Of course! - He exclaimed the daughter quickly turned to me and, gripping the penis, pulled off his condom. And then the two of them started to bring me to discharge. Angela was a quick learner, so that by the end it has turned out, sometimes even better than that of the mother. At that moment, when she fast movements of the tongue caressed the bridle, I was just in seventh heaven. So is it any wonder that in five minutes I released the fountain, and intercepted a slightly drunk Catherine's daughter stunned look ...
The whole day's march we have done in the same breath with an hour break for lunch. Children usually get distracted by different about today purposefully hurried forward without complaining of fatigue. Going ahead of us, they exchanged experiences from time to time turning to us for explanations, and made plans for the evening. A couple of times my daughter jokingly grabbed Denis for bulging shorts through the penis, and he, in turn, caught up with the fleeing of laughing sister oblaplival it, trying at the same time grab the chest and running his hand under her skirt. Angela playfully struggled, but her flushed face showed her that the game is far from unpleasant.
My wife and I, after overcoming a certain awkwardness is not quite ordinary incident, gradually moved on to discuss plans for their further sexual education. In fact, the beginning of a wife first suggested that since it happened, it is necessary for the maximum benefit from the situation. What is released to drive the genie back in the bottle does not succeed, it was quite clear - after all children live far away from us - and it is not like in general. Each of us felt as cool when you can be liberated in the family, not hiding their desires and bringing pleasure to each other.
At the site of a new parking lot near the fast mountain river we pitched the tent and arranged everything inside so that it is convenient not only to act, but also to observe. For this purpose, a lantern attached to the top of the bar so that it is ensured in a soft diffused light. After dinner, which all tried to eat quickly, Katia heated water pot and offered to carry out sanitary bathing the genitals. However, she told Dennis how to wash your pussy Angela, and that - do pisyunom brother. After last night and this morning, we do not ashamed of each other. The evening was warm, we were far away from civilization, so that in spite of still daylight, all fully undressed and began the procedure ...
Angela grasping member brother, who immediately stood up at the same time, he dragged it to the bowler and scooping up a cup of warm water and splashed on the penis, soaped it, and then pouring a thin stream, washed away all the ground.
- No, no, - stepping Katya - You have to expose the head and thoroughly clean all inside.
She showed it to me, carefully washing the penis, especially having tried under the foreskin. I immediately had a desire to fuck her ... or daughter ...
Angela, carefully observe the procedure, just repeated it to his brother.
- Now, why do not you - she turned to me. We often practiced such affection in the past, so now I expertly lathered pussy wife and gently washed her out of clubs, not forgetting to wipe clean the inner walls of the fingers. Katya was sitting, leaning back on the grass. She closed her eyes, her breath quickened and her nipples stiffened and stood upright. I continued to caress, but then my daughter is watching intently my manipulation, spoke up: ...
- Now it's my turn!
When he awoke, his wife invited the son to repeat the procedure with Anzhelka. She sat next to his mother, his legs apart and his elbows leaning on the grass. Denis took a mug of water and poured it on Anzhelkinu pussy. All eyes were fixed on her. Then he lathered sister blond hair and stuck a finger inside, spending them on the walls of the vagina.
- Prosun two fingers - I counseled - it will be more convenient.
The son obeyed, and when did it out of his chest daughter escaped gasp. Then he began to drain the water, washing away the foam.
- Inside, inside, do not forget - prompted wife, looking at it all shiny-eyed with excitement.
Son scored a bucket of water in the bent arm and poured into Anzhelkinoy recording.
- Oh, it tickles! - She squealed, however, not even trying to pull away. Breath her participation and she unknowingly pushes her hips when his son began to wash the inside of her body ...
Finally, the procedure has been completed. All excited to the extreme and the situation demanded discharge.
- So, - he said the wife, after all gathered in the tent and sat naked on the spread out sleeping bags. - Today Anzhelka also still possible, so that children have a great chance to give pleasure to each other. On other days you can not do this because they are held back do not know how.
- Maam, maybe better Papas? - Angela handed - he famously produced.
- Nothing, Dennis, too bad. And then, not always the father will have the opportunity, as you now do not stop, and if you can not reset the sexual tension with each other, it will look for someone on the side, which is not always good. In short, until you find your half, sex should only be in the family. Clear?
Thinking children agreed.
- We'll show you some of the most popular item, and then ask you to reinvent yourself. First position - missionary, with clearly visible expression of the face and a partner you can adjust the movement, focusing on him.
She lay on her back, legs spread, and beckoned to me. I quickly fell in on her and ordered:
- Angela, take my cock and reins them between mother sponges.
Katina lye already shone on the separated lubrication, so that the member gently slipped, pushing the swollen lips back and forth periodically passes through the corolla small pudendal lips and touching the clitoris protruding above them, like a small segment. Each time you touch this permeated wife trembling, her breathing was intermittent ... The next time such a movement I abruptly moved his hips, and so quickly brought his unit in the cave has long been finished, that the fingertips of Angela, too, were impressed there.
- Oh, it's hot! - Daughter squeaked and jerked her hand.
Introducing a member of the full length, I stopped and looked at the children. Dennis was on edge, as did his sister.
- Let's repeat the position - I was ordered because the wife was silent for a time withdrew, and hugged my neck, gently moved her hips to feel stir within himself.
Angela quickly settled with us, just stretched his legs, and Denis timidly down between them on his knees and tried to settle down to its socket. Quickly it did not work, because of habit, he poked at random, so that in the end, Anzhelka eagerly grabbed his penis and she has sent to the entrance ...
- Ooohh! - Escaped her when Denis rashly threw his toy.
I started to move in Katina pussy, looking at the children. Denis repeated motion, the benefit of this was easy.
Katya's vagina was certainly wider Anzhelkinogo - still two bore - but she was able to compress the muscles of a member as if it was a handshake, which gave an additional impetus and has been granted both a great pleasure. And now she started this, my favorite exercises, so I had to stop in order not to end prematurely. I went out and turned her on her stomach while she arched, thrusting her ass up, so I'm introducing member, was able to touch the entrance to the uterus. Children enthusiastically continued the first exercise, paying no attention to us. Angela while moaning with pleasure ...
- Stop, stop, stop! - Slightly hoarse voice shouted with excitement Katyusha. - We agreed that the first study, and then enjoy.
Denis stopped reluctantly, without removing a member of the Sisters.
- Mom, let him continue, I like it! - Excitedly exclaimed Angela, impatiently moving hips.
- Do you like it ... and another ... - interrupted by the voice of my movements, assured her wife - Come on, get up, I ... and you, Dennis, enter your member back ... to me yesterday.
Angela rolled over on his stomach and put delicious ass. Denis member found the entrance and drove it deep languishing pisechki. Angela sighed and began instinctively podmahivat brother. They both felt the pleasure of growing mutual friction of their bodies ....
- This pose is called a "rider" - continued explaining Katerina, while clutching the vaginal wall, so I had to stop again, so as not to interrupt the session. On that unhappy wife she shook her hips, as if hinting that she can move herself.
Denis at this time diligently hollowed pussy sister, clutching his arms around her hips. She stood on her elbows, and her small breasts swaying seductively next to me. I reached out and squeezed one of them in his fist, and then released, eyes pointing to his son. He immediately grabbed his chest with both hands and Angela began to knead them and twirl. Moans Her efforts by going to mutter:
- Yes ... yes ... brother ... more ... more ... - and she vigorously pushes back to meet his movements ...
Katia was moving on my cock, her head resting on his folded arms, and turning it toward the children. I have a breath and stepped up the pace again, so that after only a little time, Kate also groaned and muttered:
- Yes ... yes ... yet ... so ...
"Apparently, the murmur is Angela - hereditary," - I thought. - "All in the mother."
Then Denis jerked, cried and poured out into the sister, who did not manage to reach the finish ... For a while, he still continued to move inside her, but a member of the Opal quickly and fell.
- Well, how can that be ?! - Exclaimed in frustration daughter, -I still want .. !!
She held back her hand, grabbed his brother and became a member feverishly to masturbate him, however, the time required to restore functionality. At this point, sobbing and shuddering start to finish Katyusha ...
Convinced of the disembodiment of their efforts, the daughter turned to face us, which already boils tears.
- Dad, Mom, well, do well anything !! I can not do that !!!
Katya stretched out on a sleeping bag and just a breath, with a chuckle turned to me:
- Well, go on, help me out youths. Correctly say that the old horse will not spoil the furrow ...
Denis ruefully resettled in the side, and I moved to her daughter, and gradually introduced its stake standing member in her vagina. It is grateful to his girth, putting on tight like a glove, but also easy, being filled with sperm son ... Angela stopped when a member spoke of the uterus, and trembled. I also stopped and let her get used to the new sensation, and then began to move, trying not to hard to beat at the entrance of the uterus, so as not to hurt her ... Daughter often breathed and began actively to sit down on the penis, so I had a firm hold on her hips and to adjust the depth of penetration of uncontrollable sounds ... again flew out of her mouth.
- Ooh ... yeah ... ... kaak taak ... more ... more ... escheeooo !!!
She thrashed from side to side, her movements became faster and more chaotic ... Then it is strongly bent and pressed his back to me, so I broke down and spilled several strong jets directly into the uterus ...
- Aaaaaaaaaaa ... ... .. - ... Angela screamed and went limp.
Not only because it fell, I was still holding her hips. Her throbbing pussy, massaging my gushing member, and again, as if it otdaivaya ...
"Great features" - said to myself, - "Really, that someone will get happiness when he grows up!"
At night, everyone slept like a log. Affected difficult transition and sexual exercises. A morning was overcast, good though that the rain was not expected, but the mood at me was gloomy, it is often dependent on the weather. Children, by contrast, jumped in joyful anticipation of new fun. They were ready to repeat the lessons learned immediately, but strict mother drove them wash up and brush your teeth.
After breakfast, the children wanted to immediately surrender to sexual pleasures, evidently disrupted morning hormonal surge, but Kate, when everyone realized that without it from them in the way will be of little use, ordered to make a preliminary sanitation.
- You must remember - that sex should always be performed in a clean, otherwise very easy to pick up any infection - it is they said. - So it all had to be washed away, while today we have with Angela tempted to each other, and Kate - Denis.
- Today the father show you some of the moves that can enhance the enjoyment of women. - Katya again got on all fours and bent, nodding invitingly me.
I went into it a classic way and after a few warm-up movements, paused, and then abruptly swung his hips a few times so that the inside cranked member Katina pussy, sensitive driving along its walls. Katya, a prolonged moan gratefully shook member of their reduction. Denis also tried, was to enter the sister already willing to substitute his ass, but a vigilant mother is not given:
- No, today Angela dangerous day, and you have not yet learned to control himself. So it is to deal with the father, he has enough experience. Are you practicing on me.
I left the wife and gave way to his son. He quickly came to its full length, and began to move inside the mother ... Then, under my direction, he twisted the "propeller" - so my wife and I called the reception - and then they began to lead Kate, suggesting, as any movement is better to do, and I moved to the daughter. Anzhelka impatient trembling thighs as stagnant horse, and when I started to move in her his penis, with the power planted on him ...
- Aaahhh ... how cool! .. - She moaned.
I, as well as Katya, has done some progressive movements, and then firmly grasped daughter hips, he cranked "propeller". Anzhelka already howled with delight:
- Wow! You touched something there ... I even have legs gave way !! Let's...
I "still ordered" ... then another ... then moved his hips up and down, while promoting member back and forth, so he zigzagged walked inside her, ramming the front, the back wall of the vagina - Katya and I call it "snake" - after which the daughter no longer something to think and only subtly squeaked his usual:
- Yes ... daaah ... more ... more ... aaaaaa ... ooooyyy ... Dad, come on ... escheoooo !! ...
Inside her succession went spasms, she jerked back on the penis in different directions, and I had to stop immediately, or would not stand it. I still remember on this day the danger and trying to escape, looked at his wife and son. Dennis did everything correctly, so that Catherine stopped to control and completely surrendered to pleasure, already approaching the peak of ...
Fortunately, her vagina was not as narrow as that of Angela, so Dennis could hold back a long time, and they had time to reach the finish line at the same time ...
Soon Kate zaohala swept from side to side, and then screamed and roughly finished, and Denis, increasing the tempo, the marathon continued ... But then she has applied his trademark trick - "shaking hands" - and the son of a cry, immediately spilled inside twitched ... a couple of times and fell to the mother, who could not resist and fell forward. And so they were: Denis mother, without removing it from the member.
Angela has slumped in my hands, but I had wanted to continue. Therefore, extending his hand, I took a condom prepared beforehand, and pulling a stake standing member of the daughter, quickly pulled it, and turning it back on again went close in the vagina ... Angela initially no signs of life, but now in my hands and his lips were her lovely breasts, which, in spite of the teenagers, were very delicious and, most importantly, sensitive.
After a couple of minutes daughter alive again, and began to move beneath me, grabbing me by the shoulders. I applied all the same techniques, but also, fundamentally caressed his chest, so that within five minutes she realized with surprise, as she later told me that second orgasm may be even stronger and brighter first. So she shook her head again, with the force squeezed my shoulders, and cried again, while the waves of cramps inside her lead to the finish, and I ... I poured into it, probably not less than a minute, until the movement stopped otdaivayuschie walls.
When I came out of it and removed the condom, there was probably a half a cup of sperm ...
I stretched out beside her, and she clung to me, put his arm around his neck and kissed:
- Dad, are you - cool, - she whispered softly in my ear. - I would like a husband, like you ...
I hugged her and gently ran his hand from the bottom up: pussy tickled, then the tummy and chest, then stroked and kissed her neck, and finally got to plump lips, then kissed them too. Katya at that time lay in an embrace with Denis and they also whispered something to each other, and laughed softly caressed. Wife since yesterday began to perceive Denis in bed not as a son but as "a young man is very much like his father ... sometimes." That, however, did not prevent her in the rest of the time to feel him as their child needs attention and guidance ...
At this time, we lay down in sleeping bags in pairs - I'm with Angela and Katia Denis - that, as she said, not to destroy the peace and made physical contact. Tired, we quickly fell asleep in the warmth of each other's arms.
The next morning the sun was again and my soul sang in anticipation of new developments. In the next sleeping bag cheerful heard scuffling and whispering that after a couple of minutes passed in rhythmic sighs and soft moans ... So, it is clear: the second half does not lose time in vain. I looked in his face pressed against my daughter. She was asleep, her head resting trustingly on my chest and, apparently, she dreamed of something good, because her face was playing small smile. I reached down and found her pussy juice highlights. "So, the dream something - erotic" - I thought, and decided to play along.
I slowly swung his right leg over his daughter himself, and gently felt the already prepared to fight a member of the mouth of the entrance to her vagina. Then, taking the hip, I still carefully and slowly moved it in such a way that a member drowned in the sweet captivity of its cave, while again noting how pleasant dense and gentle warmth of the walls of her vagina, giving an indescribable joy to its owner. .. Gradually, the member has entered all, and I froze, listening. daughter's breathing became more likely, she muttered something like "yes, I am ...", it seems, are still in a dream. Gently rolled in a sleeping bag, I took up position by accident while approaching to another sweet couple ...
There Katerina unbuttoned space for a sleeping bag, straddled his son and leaning back and closing his eyes, galloping on his cock, moaning in pleasure, and Denis, holding her breasts, ruled that the jump ...
Leaning on his elbows on either side of Angela, I slowly began to motion, while trying to be suspended and not touch her ... She moaned in response, too, licking his lips, and his hands moved uneasily in a sleeping bag. Here's one ... her hand got between us and struck a member. I froze. Hand unconsciously felt the something protruding from her vagina, and then with the force squeezed it and ... let go, fell helplessly beside the body.
- Igoresha ... - whispered her lips, - my dear, come to me ... - And she suddenly hugged my neck and opening his eyes, pressed her hot kiss.
Slightly taken aback, I replied, and with new force began to drive petrified cock in her pussy ... It did not last long, after a couple of minutes, it exploded with shouts and groans swept underneath me, and the familiar cramps started milking my cock when I suddenly realized that it is impossible today, and flew wildly from it, pouring out her stomach ... at this point, Angela opened her eyes and blinked sleepily looked at me.
- And where ... - she paused.
- Igor ...? - I finish his questioning.
Angela blushed and turned away. There, where her gaze fell, this time Kate had just finished his, sucked fading member Denis. She looked back at me and tried to change the subject.
- And what mom does that? - She asked. I decided not to put pressure on her and said:
- In fact, a woman sometimes, so thanks for the pleasure, and then, say, the sperm is useful for female body ...
Angela also wanted to try, perhaps, she began to wonder why it constantly does a mother.
- You know? - Surprise she turned to me after the first time licked member. - And this is not disgusting ... I would even say delicious. - And she enthusiastically began to suck him, swallowing all that managed to emerge at that time ... It was so nice that my penis again began to revive ...
- Who is it, Igor, - finished "cleaning", with interest turned to us Katya.
Angela paused, holding my dick in your mouth, and Denis whinnied softly:
- This is her secret love in the school, the actor son ...
- And that's not true - cried the daughter, raising her head, she blushed again and was at this moment is very beautiful: tousled hair, bright eyes and rosy cheeks ... She threw angry lightning brother, unknowingly to force clutching my already poluozhivshee gun.
- It's just ... it just is not like the others! He is polite and well-read! And you ... you ...
- Come on, girl, calm down - gently asked Katya to her, hugged her and patted on the head. - We all have had my first love, and we are all grateful to her, because it was she awakened in us the sensuality. But Dennis did not listen, he just until you fall in love, small still.
- How is it small? - Denis offended. - Who said I was - al ..?!
- So after all, sex - that's not all - the wife smiled. - It's just a way to have fun and love - is the desire to give pleasure to another, to make his life better. Well ... like we have with the Pope.
- By the way, Mom, you're not jealous Anzhelka to his father?
- Well, why would I be jealous, stupid! I can see that he is well, and she also. You're - our children, who, if not we will teach you the finer points of dealing with the opposite sex? Something your peers do not yet know how to anything. A stranger could so hurt that discourage you ever hunt.
- Mom, I still want to ... - foolishly, capriciously handed Denis and Kate laughed merrily, lightly patting his erect penis, then bent down and kissed him and said:
- It is enough to be patient until the evening, any excess is harmful.
Angela, still sulking Dennis said nothing, and I shyly covering his hand rearing dignity, regretfully reached for melting ...
This time, the campaign proceeded as usual. Children have become accustomed to the situation and behaved as always, distracted by a different occasion: the Anzhelka otbezhit aside, admire some ugly-looking flower, then Denis zasmotritsya on intertwining roots of an old pine, seeing in them something to him alone understandable. Sometimes, though, they were whispering about something and prysnuv, glancing in our direction, and then pretended that nothing was ...
Just before sunset, we are again equipped with a parking lot, already accustomed to placing all so smoothly enjoy each other. At some point I thought was that perhaps the children have nothing and it is not necessary, but after the installation of the tent, I was approached by the daughter and asked:
- Dad, can you show Denis, how you this ... Well ... when ... once up and down doing ...
- You mean "snake"? - I smiled. - Of course, dear, this is not so difficult.
- You see, - looked down daughter - because soon we will leave, and you will not be there ... Well, I really like the way you ... - She became crimson from the blood rushing to my cheeks.
- I understand, my daughter. You want me to Dennis I taught what I can.
- Yes! - Angela cried with relief.
- Only after all, this requires constant practice, you know?
- Well, of course! We have already agreed to do so at every opportunity ...
- Wait a minute, and you have not forgotten about the critical days? Denis can not help it, and then you zaberemenesh! And it's not great. - Anxiously I warned.
- But you, in fact, show him how to hold back? - With hope I looked at my daughter. And I had to promise ...
After hygiene exercise when children spoofing each other - they are, by the way, is already doing quite skillfully - we camped in a tent. Today, it was decided to teach Denis control. Therefore, at our request, Angela put on a condom and he lay down on his back. Son under our management has prepared her, caressed breasts and pussy, and then carefully introduced his penis. The breath of his sister was immediately interrupted, she closed her eyes and relaxed, completely surrendered to the delight ...
After a few movements, he spun the "propeller" a couple of times, and following my instructions, made a "snake". Angela zaohala and shook her head. Feeling that by spasms in the vagina, the son is now to finish, I leaned over to him and whispered in his ear:
- You do not remember who the last championship in football came in second place?
Denis stopped in surprise as much, but I gave the command to continue the gesture, and repeated:
- Try to remember who was on the second place, it is important.
Denis, moving inside sister, Angela began to remember ... at this time came up to the peak, her hands convulsively crumpled sleeping bag and thrown next to clothes, she sobbed and cried out:
- More ... more .. Yes .. Yes .. !! So !!! - It was all arched, leaning toward his brother, who reported the results in general, unnecessary I championship ... Finally, the daughter of a prolonged vskiknula ... shivered and slumped ...
- About as .. - shocked exclaimed Denis. - And I, in fact, can still ...
- Well done! - Wholeheartedly praised his Katya. - Now you've become a real man, because you can give pleasure to a woman, without putting it at risk.
Angela gradually came to himself.
- So now we can practice together? - She asked.
- Well ... let Denis still work out, but we'll see - vaguely promised wife.
- Now, my daughter, it's your turn to learn, - she said, when she saw that her son eagerly moved his member inside her sister. - Try to tighten your vaginal muscles as if tuzhas and Denis say whether anything happened.
Angela became, suddenly exclaimed Denis:
- Wow, she shook his hand as if the cock! - And he moved his hips harder.
Daughter repeat the exercise several times, and she is so excited that her moans first went into the rhythm of a succession of movements Denis, and then moved in a continuous cry:
- Aaaaaaa ooooёёёyyyyyyy ... ...
Kate threw her legs alternately Denis on his shoulders, and he was crushing her thighs to his chest, earned like a jackhammer ...
- ... Oh! Aaaahhh! .. - Burst out of him and his sister huddled as tightly as possible, he began to frantically throw out the accumulated seed, while her pulsating vagina otdaivalo his cock ...
Unable to bear so exciting spectacle, Katya, too, merged into a dance of love ...
When we ended up, kids, embracing, sat beside him and watched as their parents enjoy. Angela, as it turned out, had time to take off
To say that I was hungry then do not say - I just longed for production. Half an hour in the forest, carried out for the exciting activity - hunting defenseless sex slaves - will bring to the condition of anyone.
First I came across a young girl, I startled out of hiding in the dense spruce forest. - Well wait, bitch! The girl continued to desperately run, forced his way through the forest undergrowth. Flit away white panties effect on me better than any doping. Despite the decent odds, she, barefoot and almost naked, had no chance against me, equipped by all the canons of the genre. However, to spend too much energy on the very first victim is unreasonable, because I expected a good time today with a few.
And each of these bitches will fight tooth and nail, because the rules of the game, all uncaught get the privilege to choose their own host - the dream of every slave. - Stop, damn, I'll shoot! Like all newcomers, yet not get hit by a rubber bullet, the girl hardly knew it was quite painful. But although the first shot flew far wide of the goal (to get from such a distance from the goofy "pukalki" unrealistic), he immediately turned pursued whore in trembling creature lost its fear of all my pride.
- Do not! Please do not shoot! Do not shoot, I give up! The girl stopped short and began frantically down her panties, showing their complete submission. I changed my running back and walked to his production is almost breath. Naked slave girl could not manage with trembling hands pull the miserable strip of cloth with sweaty thighs. Good, bitch! A young, 18 years old, slender, with long blond hair, small breasts and shapely hips pronounced - the juicy fruit may well satisfy my hunger. The girl has already adopted provisions posture - obediently hobbled slender legs pants knee-length shorts and lifted her hands behind her head.
Young slut breathless from the chase, trembling all over and burst into tears of fear and humiliation. Completes the picture of the sweet slave collar, clearly denotes the lawlessness of my production, lawlessness sex toys, which I will make to fulfill my whim. On the collar bore the name Julia. Inexperience and the absence of training of this samochki fully compensated by its freshness.
- Oh, you bitch! I told you what he said, a whore? I said stand! She cringed and howled aloud. I walked her around, admiring the slender girl's body. Feel tits, juicy helpless damsel slapped on the ass. - Well, damn, take off your pants, take them into his mouth and cancer crawl to me! Slave hastily took off her panties, she sat down on the ground strewn with dry pine needles on all fours and crawled to my feet. Pick pursued in panties ( "scalp" as we call it) is to get it all right. In our hunting club scumbag is not the place, the rules are strictly prohibited to harm the health of slaves. But otherwise, it is now completely belongs to me for the duration of the contract, or as long as I do not want to sell, exchange, gift, or play cards. - Did you trash, do not understand the orders? - Excuse me, excuse me ... Sir! I ... I was scared ... I ... please do not punish me, I'm a good girl!
It is felt that in the initial course of training these newcomers have missed. I went to the shaking extraction and hair raised her head. - Once you were naughty, bitch. Second hand I squeezed the cheeks of the girl and spat in her face. - You disenfranchised litter, slave, damn nedoebanaya! Slap in the face. - I Got it, bitch! The girl roared. - Yes, yes, my lord, I am your obedient slut! Please do not hurt me, sir, I will always listen to you! I will serve you, Lord! Jerk's hair I picked up the girl on her knees. The hell with it, with education - I want to fuck her in the mouth immediately. - Hands behind your back, damn! Open your mouth, the nipple and stand at attention. She carefully rounded juicy lips.
What could be better than after an exciting chase to catch, to humiliate, to put on his knees and Gagged trembling young girl! With difficulty restraining himself, I enjoyed the soft mouth pretty defenseless slaves, diligently sucking my dick. I was ready to explode immediately, but wanted to prolong the pleasure. Holding the slave's hair, I ran the movements of her head, playing a member of the head with gentle girlish lips, her cheeks ottopyrivaya by a dick, thrusting his cock deep into his throat. - Come on, huesoska, work! Works as follows nedoebanaya whore! She meekly sucked, saliva dripping and choking club penetrating into it, desperately gasping for air when I pulled out of her dick rotika shuffled to her face.
Care time is reduced my chances in the division yet to catch prey, but I could not deny myself the pleasure. - Get up, bitch, quickly - an asshole to me, lean on a tree! She dutifully otklyachila ass, substituting master their naked charms. I grabbed the slave lush hair, wrapped them in his hand, and then slapped her on the buttocks and entered the defenseless womb. The girl has not been able to resist the onslaught of sexual, her pussy became soft and moist, and the fear of tears gave way to moans of pleasure. I juicy raped his new slave, feeling tender young body and poshlepyvaya Woman buttocks. This jump could not last long and soon I began to violently finish in the girl's insides. Kaaaayf ... Last jerky I vtalkival sperm conquered slave, experiencing the full enjoyment of available man.
All right, it was time for her to finish. Now she is - my thing, and will be demonstrating their charms only with my permission. I got out of the bag a silk tank top with thin straps, barely covering the chest and ass slave and hung on a branch. My personal crest on the shirt meant belonging whores, protecting it from unauthorized harassment. Woman Putting on my knees, I ordered her to lick my dick and a gentle smack instructed her on how to proceed. - So, damn. Odenesh shirt, and go to the base - there is some direction. Sorientirueshsya for clearing the power lines, it leads directly to the database. If you get lost, you will find later finder. I tucked his cock in his pants. - All understand, bitch? Slave faithfully looked up at me. - Yes, thank you, my lord. - Well, whore - master kiss his feet. Submissive slave, humiliated and raped the first in her life master, fell to my feet and began to carefully lick the boots.
* * *
The second woman got me just the same for free. I do not know how, but it managed to catch Vitaly, who before the hunt so drunk vodka that could hardly stand on his feet. This sweet couple I heard much before he saw. Going to the cries, I found a child's touching, sunlit meadow, on which stood Acne with his pants down and flogged with a whip dragged along at his feet naked girl. - Fuck inept, very ohuel! - He shouted to the entire forest. I understood from his rantings that poor slave was never able to lift the sleeper member thoroughly moved "hunter". Acne again tried to seize his prey, fell on her face blubbered all its weight and stuffing the flaccid penis into her mouth. Another failure is not caused even anger, Acne obviously tired. He stood up, weaving in his pants circled through the meadow, as if thinking about something, and went back to the defenseless slave girl. - Y, dried pussy - wearily mumbled Acne and kicked the girl with his boot in the ass. Then he found nothing better than to lie down to rest directly on the meadow. He fell off a lord on his back, his arms outstretched. - Take off my pants and lick eggs, goat nedoebanaya! Submissive slave crawled sobbing to her rapist, pulled off his clothes, and settled down between her legs, tongue courting male household. Less than a minute later, Vitaly began to snore.
I've already been decided that the fun is over, but this time the girl realized that has every right to get away - because Acne ... not even bother to remove her "scalp", announcing its prey. Fearfully looking at the prostrate body on the ground, tortured slut pulled her panties lowered, regaining hope of deliverance. Slave to her feet, and I was finally able to see her properly. The girl somewhere slightly over 20, medium height, dark hair to his shoulders. Immediately he ran well developed firm breasts in the face, waving invitingly with each step. A member of my pants stirred in anticipation. Brushing off the dust adhering forest and trying not to breathe, I selected a slave to others clearing the bushes and was already ready to whisk in thickets - but at that moment she saw me. I stood with hands on hips in twenty meters from her and smiled. She closed her mouth with her hands to keep from screaming. On the face of miserable affected the whole gamut of emotions - from the desire to run like mad, doomed to despair. I put a finger to her lips - quiet! And beckoned the girl to him. It was enough that she meekly headed in my direction.
Coming closer, slave obediently prispustila panties, revealing a clean-shaven pubis, and raised her hands behind her head. - Well, let's go wake Vitalik? - I asked quietly, still smiling. The woman's eyes flashed horror, she began to cry. - Do not do it, Please! My lord, take me to her, please! I will be very diligent slave, I ... I ... I can caress the gentleman's true ... It's just very drunk ... I'm staring at the magnificent tits humiliated slave, swaying invitingly from her sobs. Mindful of the playfulness of the whores I did not tempt fate. - Well, bitch, take off your pants! - Still quietly he told me. Putting her panties in his pocket, I embraced the sobbing girl's waist and led her into the woods, like a romantic young man his timid lover. Finding the right place, I opened their prey and began to slowly learn and to feel defenseless female body. Lovely tits, great will look in a dress with a neckline - all will die of envy. Ass is also good, ehhh - well I have it still worked out well. Acne, however, he cast thoroughly poor man - the whole body was riddled with slave whip. Roughly rape her now I do not want.
- That's what ... Anya - I said, reading her name on the collar - let's show what is capable of. I pulled her by the collar ring. - On your knees slut, come on - suck. Nevolnitsa quickly knelt down, unzipped my pants and pulled them down. A member for a long time waiting for attention and joyfully jumped into her face. She wasted no time took a gentle trunk handle and pulled the wet sponge on the head. Slave tried in all - and the fear and conscience. It was surprisingly cheerful and resourceful - spit palms and lips, sucking, fingering, stroking, licking cock and balls, massaged my buttocks, she spanked member himself in the face, choked swallowing dick on the tonsils. Delightful moans, heavy breathing, smacking - it was divine.
I wanted to fuck wet with saliva tits slave and she hugged them diligently my dick. Sensing the arrival of the goods, I grabbed the girl by the ears and pulled his mouth back to your penis. The final turned enchanting feels - I boldly slave fucked in the mouth, breaking through the tight ring of girls mouth and shouting throwing in her throat semen charges. What a great feeling, you emptied in warm and moist mouth pretty girl prinikshey to you and your cum guzzling. I'm already a little ohuel from such rapid emptying my storerooms, and the girl did not stop all your worries, now gently and thoroughly tired sucking cock and licking lord my sweaty balls.
- Well, bitch, you're cool huesoska. Master liked to fuck you in the mouth. - I patted her on the cheek. - Come on, crawl in front of me cancer, roll asshole! Nude girl obediently went down on all fours and crawled along the ground, arching and invitingly sexy exposing ass. - Now to the foot, bitch! Slave crawled to my feet and buried her face in the shoes. - Get up, whore. I reached into the bosom of the maiden. Pussy slave to squelch took my fingers, she did not keep a moan. - So, well, there came a bitch - you real lustful whore, I like these. I took her hand and gave her to lick your fingers. Ah, it is good once more to fuck this slut supple ... Okay, once deposited on the evening. Today I was lucky - for two new slaves, and until the end of the hunt for another two hours. - Put on a T-shirt and a march to the camp. On, glotni on the road - I handed her the canteen - you worked well, the little whore.
* * *
Almost every hunting accompanied by what some gags. New owners often give the slaves setting in the woods. Once I was surprised when out of the bushes jumped Cute young girl in someone's shirt and literally attacked me, sobbing and kissing my feet. From rambling laments stupid whore, I realized that caught her Slavka was not satisfied with its ability to curry favor with the lord and not putting education on the back burner sent the girl to school. Slave was to find herself in the woods three hunters and doing everything they ordered, earn their autographs on the ass. For each gleaning autograph she would receive five lashes, so that the girl was just in a panic. She then trailed behind me, begging to let her suck my dick, then getting ahead of getting cancer and carefully moved apart buttocks, offering to fuck her in the ass, then I requested permission to bear my backpack. She did all muddled and I did not want to spend time and energy on someone else's prey.
In the end, the girl returned to the same camp with three coveted autographs, but we had a long bellow, watching her happily pulled the T-shirt and got cancer before Slava - three signatures of two, including mine, had read something like this: "Slava, asshole, become tired already your beggar! ". - That damn - confusedly said Slava. - Even flog her reluctance. Andreitch selling it - he's a well-known teacher, loves to tinker with such fools. Slavka stepped on the girl on the behind. - Come on get up, bitch! Take off your shirt! Hey, lads - he shouted attendants - a gift from me to you. The girl, who has lost "scalp", but without the security shirts took her master's panties - free game for anyone who wants to have fun with it. And we equip our hunting guys from watching the unfolding sexual Feast, pants already literally steaming. - Single Otutyuzhte this whore is the inscription on the ass is not erased! Approvingly zagudev, the cheerful company of young people 5 overexcited immediately dragged do not understand anything, sobbing and pointless abutting girl - helpless slave faced a full krugovuha.
* * *
Andreyitch And, by the way, we encountered last cool hunting. I found quite a young girl in a small clearing, where relax slut, standing on all fours, varnish blueberries. With close back to back, I suddenly jumped to her ... and for the first time prifigel surprise. It seems everything is as it should be, a short gasp, the girl jumps up, pants down, hands up - complete obedience, to the service is ready. But somehow sideways, indeed almost back to me. I looked in the direction of her gaze - factor! Andreitch with pukalki ready. The same as I prifigevshy. Well, nothing to do, will have to somehow negotiate. The die throw is not fun, we usually try to come up with some mini-match. - Well, who can first get it in the ass with a gun? - Tentatively suggested Andreitch. - Oh, sorry patrons - I said. When the precision which can be obtained, we ventured to remain unarmed while shooting rubber bands from our pukalok. - But first, let's fuck her for a couple, such as it is a draw and no one hurt - I suggested. - Good idea - smiled lasciviously Andreitch - I have also stagnated.
We turned to the powerless slave in humiliating posture awaiting their fate. - Good bitch! - I smacked Andreitch. The girl really ... looked nice. Very young, 16-17 years, but everything in it - a medium-sized plump breasts with small nipples, neat feet, a beautiful waist, slightly curly hair framed by chubby cheeks. On shaving pubic hair playfully left a narrow strip. Groping our impudent slave looks embarrassed and blushed. - You then take off panties, my girl - mockingly, fatherly tone Andreitch cooed. She obediently pulled off her panties and hesitated, not knowing what to do next. - Hang them on the bush, they no longer need you - I smiled.
Girl unquestioningly obeyed, he took a few steps inaudible bare feet and shorts adorned the nearest bush. To hush for a moment, she turned back to us, began at attention and raised her hands behind her head. - Well, the little whore, now you know who you are and what you stand? - Strictly as I asked in the exam. - I'm a slave ... Mr ... - Go on! - I ... disenfranchised toy I created for your entertainment. Girl very funny embarrassed, but feared us anything to contradict. - I'm always ready ... to please the master.
- Okay, okay. Legs apart, hands behind his back, cupped her elbows - I ordered. Podrachivaya member I approached the helpless captive. Nude girl looked timid and fresh - just lovely. I ran a hand over her breasts, pinched her nipples. Firmly taking her head - one hand on the back of the head, the other clenched chubby cheeks - I stared at the sweet sponge slave. The girl moaned and opened her mouth, letting my tongue insistent. I kissed juicy submissive bitch and poebyval her tongue in her mouth, clearly alluding to the upcoming activities. Lowering his hand, I put my hand obediently between spaced legs of a young slave, and immediately entered two fingers in her pussy. Pussy was already wet, and under the influence of my fingers a little slut drawl whined. Fingering a decent size cock Andreitch approached the girl from behind and began to feel her ass slave. - Yeah, well ... - dreamily he said he loudly slapped her on the ass. - Stand-ka kolenochki little poblyadushka! Girl so diligently to carry out orders that even strict Andreitch apparently was satisfied with its executive.
I firmly took the girl by the hair and forced to lift the person up, and began to crawl Andreitch member of the slave's face. - Come on, darling, lick-ka daddy eggs! So, well, let the little slut, works as follows. Andreitch rubbed a little girl's jaw member and dived into the open mouth obediently. Fuck captive in his mouth, he gave way to me and I will also be happy inspected by a dick girl's warm mouth. To fuck a young, beautiful and obedient slave in the mouth is always memorable. - I love it when chubby cheeks - I smiled, slapped the oppressed slave-girl on the cheek and again gave Andreitch initiative. - Yes, and her lips juicy - agreed Andreitch. - And here we have it now is still a deep otvaflim - busily he said, and pushed the girl. - Lie on your back, a little slag, show Uncle how you masturbate her pussy. Girl obediently lay down on the grass, and spreading the legs apart began poking fingers into her pussy. Helpless captive again made his way embarrassment, she blushed and did not know what to do with the person, not to make eye contact with two licks males and lustfully drochaschimi members watched her humiliation.
Finally Andreitch could not resist, he went to the girl, forced to raise his hands above his head, and stood over her knees tucked dick in her mouth. A bit of pampering with soft lips, he sat up and began to push through dick deep in the throat slave. Girl muffled squeaked, but did not dare to resist. Eventually dick Andreitch completely filled the wide open mouth of the victim helpless. rapist Eggs lying on her chin, and pubic hair rested on her nose. Girl, all red, desperately looking Andreitch eyes, trying to make it clear that it is suffocating. However, for the man conquered the spectacle of a young slave girl, and the feel of her warm throat, squeezing the penis was too exciting to stay. The girl was lying perfectly still, as if fearing that the perpetrator planted it more deeply. Andreitch squeezed his head a slave with his hands and began to fuck her in the mouth, slow input and output member of defenseless sluts throat and slapping eggs on her chin. Then he decided to play with his victim in a different way - pulling member completely, he gave a slave for air, and then in one motion vtalkival dick back. The girl was lying like a rubber doll, humbly substituting your mouth.
Listening to her moaning and rhythmic champing I could no longer hold back. Legs apart a defenseless prisoner, I went to a member of her vagina hlyupayuschee. It was divine - sweet pussy girl was narrow. Andreitch pulled out a member of the tortured throat sluts ass and leaned on her face. - Lick-ka daddy ass! A gentle tongue young slave quickly brought it up to standard. Andreitch again sent a dick on her face and close up the girl did not immediately orient light slap. - Mouth-then uncover the slut! Grabbing her by the hair, he with a loud cry began to lower his seed in her throat, and the last shots directed at her. Funny girl winced with every hit, involuntarily clenching vaginal muscles much to my Kaifu. Finally Andreitch made captive lick cock and crack pleasure rose, leaving the girl to complete my order. The spectacle of stained sperm pretty face of a young slave girl, her mouth and razebanogo limply outstretched hands acted on me excitingly, I raped her brutally, as the last whore. The girl did not resist, lying helpless and submissive, and just quietly whines. Unable to withstand such a pace, I finished with a shout, vkolachivaya dick in pussy tortured slave.
When, after five minutes of rest, we ordered the girl to get up, she could barely stand upright. However, our excitement was so great that we could not deny myself the pleasure to fuck a young prisoner again. I got out of the bag chain leash and carabiner clipped to the collar of a slave. After that, put crudely cancer girl pulling on the leash and began raping her from behind, planting it on the eggs. Blyayaya as it was nice ... Maiden pussy was narrow, wet and hot. I relish fucked Cute bitch tits slave Namin hands and slapping her on the ass. Andreitch meanwhile, I went in front, and firmly took the head of the girl her hands began to flourish fucking little slut in her mouth. - Good girl, obedient - he cooed - daddy enjoy your warm mouth. We swapped a couple of times more, so helpless slave, jingling chain dutifully served us fifteen minutes. We finished almost simultaneously, on both sides triumphantly pulling the girl caught on members.
As soon as we moved as completely Jam girl fell. However implacable Andreitch ordered her again to stand at attention and raise his hands behind his head. Raped in the two bow girl looked just lovely - on a chain, completely naked, helpless, all in the saliva, tears and semen. Beauty! Andreitch slapped her on the cheek. - You that, for the first time fucked together, little whore? - Yes ... sir ... - murmured humbly lowered captive. Andreitch laughed - Well, get used to it, you pretty well. Now, my child, we will determine who will be your master - he declared and pulled the chain. - Stand-ka on all fours, slut. We have been too lazy to come up with something and we just played the slave cards, using her naked body as a table. This girl gently sucking dick restless Andreitch who held her leash. Well, the result of the game is clear - I would tell you about their failures. Now Alina - one of my favorite female slaves, and the memory of old Andreitch granted honorable right to take it sometimes hire - "for the holidays to Daddy" as he calls it, carrying the girl in the school dress and white golfikah.
* ... * *
Completion of hunting turned out to be extremely successful - at the very end, I came across a girl, kept the desire to play catch-up. Time was running out, and her dream of the right of choice was already so close to the implementation of that sudden encounter with me was a shock for her. Desperately screaming, naked girl rushed to wade through the bushes. Naked body whipped branches, her hair disheveled. We ran into a grove of deciduous and I become clearly visible her slender tanned legs and good ass. I ran after her is not particularly straining, and it seemed more interesting to not grab the fugitive, and drive it to the point of exhaustion. But then I thought it would be very romantic to rape her right here - in the sunlit grove. I easily caught his prey panting and push in the back knocked her down. Fell on the fugitive, I pressed her to the ground, grabbed her hand and pressed it over his head.
What a beautiful she is in her desperate resistance! Long thick hair, which lie on the grass, sobbing skewed sensual mouth, great big green eyes filled with tears. And the black collar covers slender neck powerless slaves. I felt as erotic writhing beneath me naked girl's body, inflamed my desire to possess this sensual female, I felt closer to me firmer breasts, felt her every soft bulge. The hopeless struggle fugitive tried to lose me, but I was obviously stronger. - Nooo! - Frantically screamed the girl, trying to stop me to rip off her panties. In response, I slapped her a slap, then another. Captive cried, covering her face with her hands, but as soon as I pulled her panties to her knees again clung to their stranglehold. However, I was too close to the desired goal, so I can be stopped. I turned the girl face to the ground, sat down on her feet and wrung his hands behind his back. Plump girl's ass put her in my cock, which was exactly between the buttocks. I removed the handcuffs from his belt and bound wrists slave. Now she was completely helpless, and feel it is slave burst into tears.
I slowly stood up, undressed - now so I had nowhere to hurry and I had intended to seize his charming captive without haste. I wanted to see her face blubbered and turned her on her back. Her cheeks were flushed, the fear was in her eyes. I slowly pulled off a defenseless girl panties and stuffed it in her mouth. God, how the expressive eyes ... I spread my legs conquered slaves, with pleasure ran his hand over her hips, gently stroked the belly - and emphatically introduced the term in her womb. She did not resist, just roared with despair, as if it was deprived of virginity. I Ottyag raped his new toy, dipping into its soft warmth and enjoying her helplessness and humiliation. It was too perfect for my overexcited member and I do not want to hold back - I finished admirably in the bosom of the girl. Only now, having satisfied the first hunger, I could really do with her education.
I do not like to punish slaves too harshly, but my favorite educational tool always with me. I pulled out of his pants belt and silently, without any preamble, whistling through the air to them, aiming at defenseless ass slave. The girl screamed and choked in horror began writhing on the ground. Bound hands behind his back did absolutely helpless damsel. I hit her hard enough, sparing neither ass nor defenseless boobs, no hips lovely. Captive desperately tried to shout something, but only how to pour it for their resistance to me I deign to pull out of her mouth wet panties. - Do not, please do not hurt me, please! I'll do anything, please! - I begged to wallow in my legs girl, desperately trying to dodge the blows. - I beg you ... my lord! I stopped, bent over sobbing shackled slave, took her by the chin and turned to face him. - That's better - I said, staring into her eyes. The girl cried softly and pleadingly looked at me with huge enormous eyes. - You all understand, bitch? - Yes, yes, my lord! - What did you understand? - I belong to you, my lord, I ... I'm a slut ... I am obliged to serve his master. I relish spat in her face. The girl started, and stopped short. - Go on, bitch - I close up to her face. - Aah ... I damn, I'm a slave ... created for your pleasure. Please, my lord, allow me to please you!
I picked up the girl by the hair on my knees. - Piss want - I said imposingly. Standing in front of me a prisoner blankly staring at me. However, a pair of slaps, accompanied by squeals and tears of the girl enough that she obediently opened his mouth and offered it under my cock. I stood there, looking down at humbly standing with open mouth trembling slave, and then a strong jet peed in it. She drank, choking and no time to swallow all poured into her mouth. Urine stream ran down her chin. When finished, I put my dick in semi-opal obedient girl's mouth. - You have five minutes to pick it up. Look how fussed. I squeezed a girl's tits. Good slut can take in your mouth and suck. Yes, so passionate, so earnestly, with ecstasy and fear. Smacking, cowardly eyes peering from the bottom up - like a whipped bitch. Even without the help of hands I opened it quickly. I put my hand on the head of a slave and sharply vdvinul member of her throat. She gasped, but did not dare to resist. Little fuck her in the mouth, I told her to get cancer.
Boobs flattened on the ground, the girl obediently put defenseless ass. - Do not try to rock the boat, bitch! Once again, I took the belt and warmed buttocks poskulivat slave. Then he passed his hand over the girl's crotch. Very good - slut finally realized their true purpose and flowed abundantly. - What whore, waiting for the master's cock! - I asked, smiling. - Aw, mister ... please ... take me! - Pleadingly cried excited prisoner. I laughed and graciously came in member slurp pussy. She moaned drawl and immediately became shamelessly podmahivat. - Oh, you bitch lustful, love to fuck something you love! - Satisfaction I noted with pleasure Namin hot buttocks. This good slut resist, the better it omitted. - Come on, stretch the arms ass! Smearing her selection for the crotch, I put a member to the anus of the girl and abruptly entered member. Helpless slave screamed vzmetnuv up shackled hands. Rhythmically swaying, I fucked in the ass lovely captive, listening to her howling and melodious chime handcuffs. The girl before me came to a head and began frantically screaming furiously sit down on my cock.
Sensing the approach of the final, I grabbed a member of the ass raped by slaves and yanked her hair put her on her knees. Thrusting his cock in skewed by orgasmic convulsions mouth slave, I blew up after a few movements and richly finished on her face. Then I enjoyed watching how lost all pride slave writhing on the ground, whimpering with lust, squeezing the thighs and ass frantically tugging. This I brought her to the camp - naked, zaebanuyu, handcuffed and in chains, his face drenched with sperm. Having obtained the prisoner to the public, I demanded pulled the leash. Conquered by the slave fell on his knees and began humbly to kiss my feet - under the approving applause and whistles of spectators ...
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
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